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Enjoy your chickens

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I was raising many chickens and one day one of them was hit by a car. All the other chickens were immediately chasing it to eat the guts which were coming out of its’ belly! So enjoy your chicken and remember that the oldest woman who ever lived on Earth, Jeanne Calment, was NOT vegetarian or vegan …

A Raelian has posted a photo of three hens, or two hens and a rooster that appear to be hers and are looking into the kitchen from the window towards a dish that comes out of the oven and contains…. a roasted chicken.
She attached this text to the photo: Honestly, I wish I could live off air. It does break my heart the fact that we have to feed on other living beings to survive…


دریافت حقیقت

پیام هایی که آفرینندگان ما هنگام برخورد بشقاب پرنده (UFO) با رائل در سال ۱۹۷۳ به ما داده اند را بخوانید!

رویدادهای دیگر

Paradism Day

Clitoris Awareness Month

Swastika Rehabilitation Day

Celebration of the Raelian New Years Day

Happiness Academy in Europe

GoTopless Day

Celebration of The Second Encounter

International SexEd Day

Human Rights Day


Celebration of The First Encounter

ما را دنبال کنید

آکادمی رائل

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