Evidence suggests early exposure to antibiotics might lead to long-term behavioural changes

No doubt about it. That may explain why “modern” Western countries have more anxieties and aggressive behaviors, created by it, than so-called “primitive” countries. Natural order always wins. That may put us in front of a difficult choice in the long term: saving lives at all costs by using antibiotics or new medicines even if in a long term it brings Humanity toward self-destruction behaviors, or accepting mortality of the weak in order to save humanity’s large genetic heritage. The same thing about overpopulation: giving food to everybody increases overpopulation which depletes the earth of all resources and brings many animals and plants to extinction, finally making it also almost impossible for Humanity to survive. A very difficult dilemma for people full of compassion who wish to save everybody. But the natural order, one more time, always wins.


Researchers have found that giving low doses of a common antibiotic to pregnant mice and their babies results in long term behavioural changes.

This is a pretty big deal, because if the results are replicated in humans it could mean that antibiotics taken during pregnancy could influence the child’s development.

“Statistics from North America suggest that 70 percent of all children have received at least two courses of antibiotic before the age of two,” one of the researchers, John Bienenstock, from McMaster University in Canada, told Katherine Lindemann at ResearchGate.

“These experimental results add to the list of concerns about the use and abuse of antibiotics in terms of long-term effects.”

Although antibiotics are often necessary to keep us alive, there have been growing concerns about what they do to our microbiome – the harmless microbes such as bacteria that live on and in our bodies, and can often provide us with unexpected benefits.

On top of that, our overuse of antibiotics is causing many bacteria to become resistant to the drugs we have available, something that scientists are calling one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century.

Plus it’s also quite difficult to not consume them – even if you don’t want to.

“There are almost no babies in North America that haven’t received a course of antibiotics in their first year of life,” says Bienenstock.


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