Maitreya Rael nagradi z naslovom častni vodnik, tako moške kot ženske, ki niso Raeljani, ampak kot Raeljani, posvečajo svoje življenje, da spreminjajo svet
z zmanjševanjem nasilja, odpovedjo krivic, odpravo Bog-a povezanih tabujev in spodbujanjem človekovih pravic.

1. Madonna

was nominated as an honorary guide on April 24, 1991, for her role in promoting sexual awakening, like in the video clip of her song ‘Like a Prayer’. Her Music video: “Like a Prayer”  

2. Sinead O’Connor

was nominated as an honorary guide on March 9, 1992, after she ripped up a picture of the Pope on live TV in protest of the church’s role in concealing abuse of children by priests. Bob Marley’s ‘War‘ performed by Sinéad O’Connor on SNL

3. Michael Jackson

was nominated as honorary guide  in 1992 for his pro-peace and anti-racism songs, especially “Heal the World,” “Who’s Bad?” and “Black or White.” In 1992, Jackson set up the Heal the World Foundation, which focuses on making a safe and healthy development of children a top priority worldwide. The foundation also aims at making the world aware of children’s rights and needs, and to improve humanity by eliminating violence and disease. Music Video “Heal The World”

4. George Michael

was nominated as honorary guide on July 8, 2002, for his video clip,“Shoot the Dog,” which lambasted American President George Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair for their decision to attack Iraq. The video portrayed Blair as a dog walked by Bush, and some British TV stations censured the film clip because of its shocking nature. Michael has consistently opposed the war in Iraq. Music Video “Shoot the Dog”

5. Lauryn Hill

was nominated as honorary guide on December 16, 2003. During a Christmas concert at the Vatican, she severely criticized the Catholic Church, accusing it of corrupting and abusing children. She alluded to the many sexual abuses of children by U.S. priests and asked them to repent. She was later censored from the Christmas Eve Vatican Concert retransmission on TV. To justify her absence, they told her that her papers weren’t in order. But the papers had to be filled in before the event registration. The most likely reason Hill was cut? She had harshly criticized the Catholic Church.

6. Alexandre Grangeiro

was nominated as honorary guide on February 20, 2004. While heading the Brazilian Health Ministry program to fight against AIDS, he publicly condemned the Catholic Church for wrongfully claiming that condoms don’t offer protection and for thereby committing a new crime against humanity.

7. Ramsey Clark

was nominated as honorary guide on March 4, 2004, for his open letter, dated Jan.29, 2004, to General Secretary of the United Nations Kofi Annan. (You may see the letter at as a former American general prosecutor at the Justice Department, Ramsey Clark took a firm stand against the violent and illegal policies of George W. Bush, especially the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, in which 40,000 defenseless people were killed. Clark compared Bush to Goering and denounced the accumulation and development of new nuclear weapons by the United States while other countries have been denied the right to have them. He also denounced the violation of de-nuclearization treaties signed by the U.S. government and the deaths of 567,000 Iraqi children caused by 12 years of economical sanctions imposed by the United Nations after U.S. prompting.

8. Michael Moore

was nominated as honorary guide on April 21, 2004. His 2002 documentary, “Bowling for Columbine,” depicted the increase of violence and fear in a gun-crazy America and explored underlying attitudes responsible for this negative cultural milieu. He has since then made other thought-provoking, controversial documentaries characterized by a relentless search for truth backed by hard but unpopular facts.

9. Linda Ronstadt

was nominated as honorary guide on July 22, 2004. after her constant support of filmmaker Michael Moore and her liberal views. A few days before her nomination, she was denied appearance at the Aladdin Casino in Las Vegas after she dedicated the song “Desperado” to Moore and asked her audience to see Fahrenheit 9/11, his latest film. In her dedication, Ronstadt described Moore as “a patriot spreading truth.” The dedication angered many in the audience, who deliberately spilled drinks, tore down posters and demanded their money back. According to an Aladdin spokesperson, about 25 percent of the audience of 4,500 got up and left before the performance had finished.

10. Bill Gates

was nominated as honorary guide on July 26, 2004. Founder of Microsoft, one of the world’s wealthiest men and a worldwide philanthropist, Gates arranged in 2004 to give yet another $3 billion to charitable trusts promoting greater equality in global health and learning. In declaring him an Honorary Guide, Rael said Gates is much more of a saint than Mother Theresa was, since he doesn’t spend 90 percent of his donated funds trying to convert those he helps to a religious faith other than their own as she did. Stating that education and basic health measures should be the right of all, Rael pointed out that Gates was setting an example of generosity and compassion – with no strings of religious conversion attached.

11. Hugh Hefner

was nominated as honorary guide on October 2004 for his milestone achievements in breaking sexual taboos. The Playboy magnate also published a substantial Raelian interview in October 2004 that included photos of a number of alluring Raelian women.    

12. Hugo Chavez

was nominated as honorary guide on October 2004 for his support of those who denounce the horrific genocides and other crimes committed by Europeans during colonization of the Americas. Spurning the name of the traditional Columbus Day holiday in America, he declared it should henceforth be known as Indian Resistance Day in honor of the indigenous inhabitants.

13. Eminem

was nominated as honorary guide on November 29, 2004, for his anti-war song “Mosh.” The video shows that governmental fear-mongering, whether imposed locally or nationally, is highly effective for manipulating people. Music Video “Mosh“

14. Thaksin Shinawatra

former Prime Minister of Thailand): was nominated honorary guide on December 13, 2004, for his action countering violence in a creative, peaceful way. To help stem violence in a Muslim-dominated southern region of Thailand, he had military planes drop thousands of paper “peace bombs,” some of which contained promises of education or employment.

15. Leon Ferrari

was nominated honorary guide on January 10, 2005, for his most famous art work, La civilización occidental y cristiana (“Western-Christian Civilization,”1965), in which Christ is shown crucified on an American warplane as a symbolic protest against the Vietnam War. Ferrari has also created works deemed offensive by the Catholic Church, and one of his exhibitions was forced to close in Buenos Aires after a Catholic priest obtained a court order. His art work “Western-Christian Civilization,”1965  

16. Michael Newdow

was nominated honorary guide on January, 17, 2005, for his commitment to remove all mentions of God from U.S. public affairs. (See his Web site. He is a Newdow, an attorney and doctor who resides in California.

17. Ward Churchill

was nominated honorary guide on Feb. 10, 2005, for his antiwar essay “Satya,” which many Americans deemed “insensitive” or “unpatriotic.” Churchill pointed out that the three million people killed in the war in Indochina and those who died in the U.S. invasions of Grenada and Panama were victims of unconscionable governmental decisions. Further, he said indigenous peoples are still subject to genocidal policies. He is a Colorado University professor.

18. Rosie O’Donnell

was nominated honorary guide onJuly 15, 2005, for her unswerving support of human rights. She applauded Canada’s decision to recognize gay rights and condemned the United States for refusing to grant homosexuals the right to marry.

19. Nicholas Negroponte

was nominated honorary guide on October 1, 2005, Rael sent his personal congratulations to Nicholas Negroponte and named him Honorary Guide for his advancement of education in impoverished countries. Committed to providing children worldwide with the means to use the educational and communications benefits of the Internet, Negroponte currently chairs One Laptop Per Child, a nonprofit organization that supplies inexpensive (under $100) computers designated for children in poor countries.

20. Michel Houellebecq

was nominated honorary guide on October 7, 2005, for: (1) writing a novel (its English title is “The Possibility of an Island”) that depicts a religious movement inspired by the Raelian Movement; (2) integrity and exemplary honesty when publicly discussing the Raelian Movement; and (3) generating extraordinary worldwide media interest in Raelianism. Houellebecq said he is proud of his Honorary Guide designation, especially since he was the first and (at the time) only French citizen to be given this title.    

21. Cindy Sheehan

was nominated honorary guide on November 8, 2005, for promoting peace and non-violence. Sheehan’s son Casey was killed while on duty in Iraq, and following his death she demanded an explanation for the war from President George Bush, campaigning ceaselessly toward that end. By establishing a camp near the gates of his Crawford ranch to publicly protest the war and the senseless deaths it has wrought, she reenergized the U.S. peace movement for a new generation.

22. Brian Haw

was nominated honorary guide on Jan. 14, 2006. Brian Haw had spent four-and-a-half years encamped outside London Parliament to highlight the plight of Iraqi children. Arrested after a law had been passed forbidding spontaneous free speech within a one-kilometer radius of the House of Commons, Brian Haw told the police, “I’m not breaching the peace. I’m fighting for it.” He was almost immediately released: Although his sleeping bag was within shouting distance of the Prime Minister’s bedroom, he had been there before the law took effect. The High Court judges ruled that he was exempt from the ruling. Nevertheless, although police continued to harass him, Haw went back to Parliament Square and set up a peace camp. He has kept vigil there since June 2001. His peace protest video

23. William Blum

was nominated honorary guide on Jan. 25, 2006. American author and U.S. policy critic Blum has written several books, including “Rogue State: A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower,” which became a bestseller after Osama Bin Laden said in a video message that all Americans should read it. A former State Department employee, Blum started his activist career in 1969 when he exposed the names and addresses of 212 CIA officials, and he has since authored a number of books and worked to expose government corruption.

24. Ayaan Hirsi Ali

was nominated honorary guide on Feb. 6, 2006. This Dutch feminist, writer and politician born in Somalia, she left her native country at 22 to escape from an arranged marriage and found refuge in the Netherlands, where she later became an elected representative. A strong advocate of the freedom of Muslim women, she became a target of Islamic extremists. Theo Van Gogh, director of “Soumission,” (“Submission”), a film critical of the treatment of women in Islamic society, was murdered by such a group in November 2004, and Dutch authorities have confirmed that Hirsi Ali, who wrote the screenplay, is also in danger.

25. Wafa Sultan

was nominated honorary guide on March 20, 2006, for taking a strong stand on the drawbacks of Muslim fundamentalism. Arab-American psychologist Wafa Sultan of Los Angeles. In an interview aired on Al-Jazeera TV on Feb. 21, 2006, she said today’s primary conflict is not a clash of civilizations, but a clash between the mentality of the Middle Ages and that of the 21st century.

26. Michel Onfray

was nominated honorary guide on March 20, 2006.The work of this French philosopher and writer is very close to the Raelian philosophy.

27. Michael Berg

was nominated honorary guide on June 9, 2006, for his admirable reaction to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s execution by the American army. Although his son had been beheaded by this man, Berg took a stand against revenge, saying every act of violence leads to more violence in a never-ending, vicious circle of death. Berg practices the absolute non-violence advocated by Ghandi – the only value that can save the world.

28. Warren Buffett

was nominated honorary guide on June 30, 2006, for his exceptional generosity and compassion. An American investor and one of the world’s richest men, Buffett announced in June 2006 that he had decided to give away 85 percent of his vast wealth to benefit humanity. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and other foundations have begun distributing the funds to assorted educational and humanitarian projects around the world.

29. King Jigme Singye Wangchuck

was nominated honorary guide on Aug. 10, 2006, for his wise rule illustrating peace and love toward all of humanity. Rael especially commended the emphasis placed on “Gross National Happiness” over economic growth. He also praised the king’s decision to make the Kingdom of Bhutan the first non-smoking nation; the care taken to protect the country from the cultural pollution of excessive tourism; and his offer to give up his power as supreme ruler and institute democratic procedures. Largely through his efforts, the country is now a constitutional monarchy rather than an absolute monarchy. Revered by his people, he retained power after a democratic vote, then abdicated in favor of his eldest son in late 2006.

30. Dr. John Sanford

was nominated honorary guide on Aug. 21, 2006, for his brilliant and courageous exposure of the flaws in the evolutionary premise. In his book “Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome,” Sanford illustrated that the very foundation of the theory of evolution, the “primary axiom,” is false. In addition to presenting compelling evidence that entire genomes cannot evolve upward, he presented compelling evidence that higher genomes actually degenerate over time. A growing number of scientists, including Dr. Sanford, are courageously countering the views of those “elevated high priests of the scientific community” who continue promotingevolution as incontestable reality despite overwhelming evidence against it. His book “Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome”

31. Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo

was nominated honorary guide on November 7, 2006. This Zambian Archbishop made it his mission to seek change in longstanding Vatican policy. Had he been successful in persuading his superiors that priests should be allowed to marry, he could have saved many innocent children from sexual abuse, but he was excommunicated from the Catholic Church for ordaining married men. The widely publicized existence of numerous pedophiles in the Catholic Church speaks for itself, and the only way to deal with it is to allow priests a normal sex life.

32. Jose Ramos Hortas

was nominated honorary guide on December 29, 2006, for his message to Osama Bin Laden aired six days earlier by the BBC. The message encouraged the Al Qaeda leader to extend the love and compassion he shows for his Muslim brothers and sisters to everyone in the world. He is a prime minister of east timor.

33. Tali Fahima

was nominated honorary guide on January 4, 2007. This Israeli peace activist served two-thirds of a three-year prison sentence for helping a Palestinian militant. “I was brought up to consider Arabs as something that shouldn’t be here,” she told Ha’ir, a Tel Aviv weekly paper. “One day I understood there were many gaps in my information, things that are not in the media. I realized that it’s about human beings, and that we have to take responsibility for the way their lives look.”

34. Eyal Sivan

was nominated honorary guide on Feb. 20, 2007, Sivan directed “Route 181: Fragments of a Journey in Israel-Palestine,” a film in which he portrayed the divide of the physical landscape and that of the humans who inhabit it. He especially emphasized the deep racial hatred Israelis harbor toward Palestinians. His film “Route 181: Fragments of a Journey in Israel-Palestine”

35. Sean Penn

was nominated honorary guide on April 4, 2007, the Academy Award-winning star of “Mystic River,” (he was also Oscar-nominated for “I Am Sam” and “Dead Man Walking,”) was made an Honorary Guide. Rael cited Penn’s unconditional stand for peace and his unique ways of reminding people that a single human life is always precious, whether that person is from theUnited States, Iraq, Iran or elsewhere.

36. Sheikh Mohammed

was nominated honorary guide on May 26, 2007. Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum: As ruler of Dubai, he allocated $10 billion for an educational fund in the Middle East, where 40 percent of the women lack access to education.

37. Jimmy Carter

was nominated honorary guide on October 11, 2007, for his courageous stance of “putting truth before politically correct nationalism.”

38. Tiken Jah Fakoli

was nominated honorary guide on December 28, 2007. This Ivory Coast celebrity penned the song “No to Excision” to protest the barbaric tradition of female genital mutilation. He has also stated his commitment to promoting African unity, peace and forgiveness. His music video “No to Excision“

39. Daniel Barenboim

was nominated honorary guide on January 17, 2008, for promoting peace in the Middle East and championing Palestinian rights. He is a renowned conductor and pianist, an Israeli citizen.

40. Vincent Kragbe Gadou

was nominated honorary guide on Sept. 19, 2008. Rael praised him for his extraordinary involvement in the creation of this free trade zone as well as for his promotion of the cooperation with the so-called emerging countries of China, India and Brazil. He is a Gadou, Chairman of the Free Trade Zone in Biotechnology and Information Technologies in Ivory Coast.

41. Noam Chomsky

was nominated honorary guide on September 30, 2008for his commendable actions aimed at understanding and peace. He is an American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, political activist, author, and lecturer.

42. Jacques Fresco

was nominated honorary guide on October 23, 2008 for his deep commitment for his whole life to investigation into human behavior and humanity’s future. He is a renowned futurist, self-taught scientist, architect and inventor. His BBC interview video

43. Gilad Atzmon

was nominated honorary guide after Rael read his essay “War on Terror Within: The End of Jewish History”. On March 22, 2009. He is Israeli-born British jazz musician and anti-Zionist author and activist.

44. Christine Rabette

was nominated honorary guide on may 12, 2009 or her short movie ‘‘Merci’’ The film is about how laughing is contagious. Her film “Merci“  

45. Tsvi Misinai

was nominated honorary guide on August 6th 2009(64) for his powerful actions to prove that Palestinians are Jews converted to Islam. He is  a renowned pioneer of the Isaeli software industry.

46. Patch Adams

was nominated Honorary Guide since May 10, 2010 for his efforts to bring more compassion, love and justice on our planet. A doctor and social activist, he created the Gesundheit institute as a school and clinic practicing alternative medicine. His interview clip  

47. Georges Soros

was nominated Honorary Guide since September 8, 2010 for his actions to promote and defend human rights. As a billionaire, he is well known for his work in currency speculation and philanthropic activities.

48. Timothy Berners-Lee

was nominated Honorary Guide since September 17th, 2010 as the principal inventor of internet and the World Wide Web and for advocating free internet access for all humanity.

49. Peter Tatchell

was nominated Honorary Guide since September 21st, 2010 for campaigning for human rights, democracy and global justice since 1967. He is co-founder of the gay rights organization Outrage and left wing member of the Green Party of the United Kingdom.

50. Yoav Shamir

was nominated Honorary Guide since September 30, 2010 for his controversial viewpoint of Israeli political policies in his documentaries ‘‘Check Point’’ and ‘‘Defamation’’. His documentaries ‘‘Check Point’’  

51. Julian Assange

was nominated Honorary Guide since December 10, 2010, for dedicating his life to make a better world, exposing Governments’ manipulations on his whistle-blower site Wikileaks.

52. IllanPappe

was nominated Honorary Guide since February 26, 2011 for his vision for justice and his declaration regarding the current leaders of Israel as criminals for the many terrible acts against the Palestinian people.

53. Norman Finkelstein

was nominated Honorary Guide since March 7, 2011 for his sharp and well argued criticism against the State of Israel as well as Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian people.

54. Michael Bailey

was nominated Honorary Guide since March 11, 2011 for for his effort to carry out the “pleasure demonstration ” in his curriculum. He is best known among scientists for his work on the aetiology of sexual orientation, He also wrote The Man Who Would Be Queen, which has elicited reactions ranging from strong criticism to a nomination for an award, later retracted from the Lambda Literary Foundation.

55. Gerald Kaufman

was nominated Honorary Guide since March 31, 2011 for for his opinion about Israel against Palestine. He is a member of the Jewish Labour Movement, formerly Poale Zion a pro-Zionist group affiliated with the Labour party in Britain, has become one of the leading critics of Israeli policies.

56. Amar Bose

was nominated Honorary Guide since May 21, 2011 for his philanthropy and recent gift to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA). He donated a vast amount of his money to science and education instead of letting everything go to his descendants.

57. Mordechai Vanunu

was nominated Honorary Guide since May 21, 2011 in recognition of his 25-year struggle for a nuclear-free Middle East. Risking his life for peace, he is the Israeli nuclear technician who leaked the secret Israeli nuclear plans to a British media in 1986.

58. Rais Bhuiyan

was nominated Honorary Guide since June 9, 2011 for his effort to prevent his attacker from being executed. He is the head of “World without Hate” organisation. He is Muslim from Bangladesh living in United States. His video “World Without Hate”

59. Louis Farrakhan

was nominated Honorary Guide since June 27, 2011 for his controversial positions on social and political matters including his speech on U.S. and NATO criminal war actions in Libya and Africa. He spook out against Barak Obama and his war policies which favour American interests at the risk of all other nations on Earth. He is the leader of the Chicago, Illinois-based Nation of Islam. His Interview with Mike Wallace

60. John Richard Pilger

was nominated Honorary Guide since June 30, 2011, for his sharp criticism of Western policies and his determination to report facts without censorship.

61. Yoram Kaniuk

was nominated Honorary Guide on October 28, 2011 (66 a.H.) for his commendable actions of publicly and loudly apostatizing from Judaism and inspiring others to follow. He is a writer of books translated in 25 languages, painter and journalist, living in Tel Aviv, Israel, and married to a Christian woman. His religion status is now “no religion”, like his children, even if considered a Jew by nationality.

62. Bradley Manning

was nominated Honorary Guide on December 20, 2011 (66 a.H.) for revealing the dirty secrets of the US government which expose despicable acts against humanity. He is a young American, military graded, accused of giving up top secret defense informations to Wikileaks. Some see him like a criminal others like an “alert”.

63. Jacob Zuma

was nominated Honorary Guide on December 23, 2011 ( 66 a.H. ) for having berated Christianity for bringing on the existence of orphans and old age homes. Jacob Zuma has been the President of South Africa since 2009, and made this statement at the launch of a road safety and crime awareness campaign. He also told in his speech, that Africans, long before the arrival of religion and gospel, had their own ways of doing things.

64. Ronny Edry

je bil za častnega vodnika nominiran 7. marca 2012 (66 n.š.), ker je bil s svojo ženo Michal Tamir pri izvoru kampanje “Ljubimo te” na Facebooku proti domnevno sovražnikom (v Iranu) po navedbah njihove vlade. “So judovski Gandhiji (…)” je dejal Rael. Njegova kampanja Video:”We Love You – Iran & Israel“

65. Michal Tamir

je bila za častnega vodnika nominirana 7. marca 2012 (66 n.š.), ker je bila skupaj z možem Ronnyem Edryjem na izvoru kampanje “Ljubimo te” na Facebooku proti domnevno sovražnikom (v Iranu) po navedbah njihove vlade. “So judovski Gandhiji (…)” je dejal Rael.

66. Paul Ralph Ehrlich

je bil imenovan za častnega vodnika 28. aprila 2012 (66 n.š.) za njegovo prizadevanje, da ustavi prenaseljenost zemlje in celo zahteva njeno drastično zmanjšanje. Paul Ralph Ehrlich je ameriški biolog, ekolog in demograf, ki je najbolje znan po svojih opozorilih o rasti prebivalstva in omejenih virih. Po objavi leta 1968 je postal znan po svoji kontroverzni knjigi : Populacijska bomba. Njegova knjiga“Populacijska bomba“

67. Jacques Cohen

je bil 30. junija 2012 (66 a.h.) nominiran za častnega vodnika za svoje delo in izjave o kloniranju človeka (glej rael-science 30. junija 2012: prvi rojeni dojenčki na svetu). Jacques Cohen je nizozemski embriolog, ki živi v NewYorku, trenutno direktor v Reprogenetiki.

68. Miko Peled

je bil 7. avgusta 2012 (66. po H.) nominiran za častnega vodnika za svoje delo, ko je spregovoril o ideji preoblikovanja izraelskega sistema apartheida v sekularno demokracijo z rušenjem ločevalnega zidu in Izraelcem in Palestincem omogočil, da živijo enakopravno. Največkrat je znan po knjigi Generals Son in živi v Kaliforniji v ZDA.

69. Salman Khan

je bil 8. avgusta 2012 (66 a.h.) nominiran za častnega vodnika za ustanovitev Khan Institue, spletne platforme za učenje, ki mu je prinesla mednarodni naslov “najvplivnejšega spletnega izobraževalca na svetu”. Njegova naloga je zagotoviti “brezplačno, svetovno izobraževanje vsakomur, kjerkoli” tako, da zainteresiranim študentom omogoči dostop do učnih videoposnetkov na širokem obsegu predmetov in jim daje svobodo, da izberejo tisto, kar želijo, da se naučijo, kadarkoli želijo, od kjerkoli že so. Živi v Kaliforniji, ZDA. Njegov predstavitveni video na TED

70. Rafael Correa

13. septembra 2012 je bil imenovan za častnega vodnika za podelitev političnega azila Julianu Assangeu, vodji Wikileaka. Predsednik Ekvadorja je tudi nagrajen s tem naslovom za način, kako je prvak resnice in pravice na nacionalni in mednarodni ravni, še posebej za način, kako se bori proti ustrahujočemu gospodarskemu pritisku ZDA in njihovih lutk.

71. Stephen Hawking

je bil 10. maja 2013 nominiran za častnega vodnika zaradi odločitve, da se umakne s konference izraelskega predsednika v podporo akademskemu bojkotu proti Izraelu v zvezi z okupacijo Palestine.

72. Joycelyn Elders

je bila 15. maja 2013 nominirana za častnega vodnika zaradi govorov o pro-masturbaciji, zaradi česar je na žalost izgubila službo generalnega kirurga v ZDA, pod vodstvom Billa Clintona, skupaj z njenim stališčem za legalizacijo in distribucijo kontracepcija v ameriških šolah. Njen video govor o kondomu in pro-masturbaciji  

73. Eran Elhaik

je bil 6. julija 2013 nominiran za častnega vodnika zaradi svoje kontroverzne genetske študije, ki potrjuje, da aškenaški Judje prihajajo iz Hazarije in ne iz Palestine. Izziva druge genetike, ki menijo, da so si Judje genetsko bolj podobni kot svojim nejudovskim sosedom, in tudi, da imajo skupne bližnjevzhodne prednike.

74. Edward Snowden

je bil 15. julija 2013 nominiran za Častnega Vodnika za glavno storitev, ki jo je ponudil človeštvu, ko je razkril podrobnosti o svetovnih ameriških nadzornih programih. “Snowden je pravi junak in svet potrebuje na tisoče bolj podobnih njemu, da imajo mirno in svobodno prihodnost, v kateri je mogoče zaščititi ljudi pred rakom vsemogočih orwellskih vlad,” je dejal Rael. Njegov intervju video

75. Russel Brand

24. oktobra 2013 je bil imenovan za Častnega Vodnika, za njegov poziv k svetovni revoluciji v nedavnem intervjuju. Je angleški komedijant, igralec, radijski voditelj in avtor. Njegov intervju za BBC

76. Karen Hudes

jo je za Častnega Vodnika nominiral 1.novembra 2013 Maitreya Rael, za svoja razkritja o tem, kako finančna elita prevladuje po svetu, kot ekonomistka, ki je 8 let delala pri Export Import Bank v ZDA, in 21 leta v pravnem oddelku Svetovne banke.

77. Matt Damon

je bil nominiran za Častnega Vodnika 25. novembra 2013, ker je s svojim vplivom na velikem zaslonu kot slavni ameriški igralec pomagal pomembnim ciljem, kot je njegovo delo na področju čiste vode za vse ali boj za javno šolstvo, in predvsem za njegov nedavni govor, ki je podprl pisanje pokojnega zgodovinarja Howarda Zinna o državljanski ubogljivosti. Njegov govor “Problem je državljanska ubogljivost“

78. Natan Blanc

mu je Rael Maitreya 30. julija 2014 podelil naziv Častnega Vodnika človeštva, ker je “ta mladi Izraelec” “pripravljen že osmič iti v zapor, ker noče služiti v izraelski okupacijski vojski in vojski genocida “.

79. Ken O’Keefe

je 19. oktobra 2014 prejel naziv Častnega Vodnika. Je irsko-palestinski državljan in aktivist in nekdanji marinec Združenih Držav Amerike, ki se je leta 2001 poskušal odpovedati ameriškemu državljanstvu. Promovira, da so ZDA terorist številka 1 na svetu.

80. Dahlia Wafsi

je 23. oktobra 2014 prejela naziv Častnega Vodnika. Je iraško-ameriška zdravnikca in mirovna aktivistka. Aprila 2006 je imela govor, naslov na kongresni progresivni kavkus ,,Brez pravice ni miru!”. Njen govor:“Brez pravice ni miru!”  

81. Derek Giardina

10. novembra 2014 je bil nagrajen s titulo Častnega Vodnika za njegovo izključitev Božje reference, medtem ko je vodil zavezo zvestobo na njegovi šoli v ZDA. Je popoln primer celovitosti in neskladnosti z diskriminatornimi tradicijami.

82. Dieudonne Mbala Mbala

27. junija 2015 prejme titulo Častnega Vodnika za neusmiljen boj za svobodo izražanja v Franciji. Je francoski komedijant, igralec in politični aktivist.

83. Kobi Tzafrir

22. oktobra 2015 je prejel naziv Častni Vodnik za svojo pobudo, da v svoji restavraciji v Izraelu ponudi 50 odstotkov popusta pri vsakem krožniku piščančje paste pri mizah, kjer sedijo skupaj Judje in Arabci. To je kot odgovor na naraščajočo nestrpnost tako arabskih kot izraelskih skrajnežev.

84. Ai Wei Wei

26. oktobra 2015 prejme titulo Častnega Vodnika za njegov boj za svobodo izražanja. Je slavni kitajski umetnik in aktivist. BBC intervju, posnetek “Brez strahu ali usluge“  

85. Robert Mugabe

27. oktobra 2015 je imenovan za Častnega Vodnika. Predsednik Zimbabveja je od leta 1987. 22. oktobra 2015 je prejel »Konfucijevo nagrado za mir« in poskusa oživitve Gaddafijevih sanj.

86. Mark Zuckerberg

je bil nominiran za Častnega Vodnika 2. decembra 2015 po njegovi odločitvi, da poda 99 % svojega deleža na Facebooku (družabnem omrežju) za ustvarjanje boljšega sveta za njegovo novorojenko. Njegov intervju z ženo.

87. Donato Cito

6. decembra 2015 je bil nominiran za Častnega Vodnika , ker je sprejel Raeljane v brazilski restavraciji v Lozani po diskriminatorni zavrnitvi z druge lokacije in kljub glavnim medijskim predsodkovom do nas.

88. Stephen Fry

11. marca 2016 je bila nominiran za častnega vodnika z strani Maitreye Raela. Fry je ateist, humanist in ima rad staro grško prepričanje v več bogov. Fry je večkrat izrazil nasprotovanje organizirani religiji in opozoril na to, kako je »kruta, hinavska in brezljubna roka vere in absolutizma še enkrat padla na svet«. Leta 2009 je sodeloval v razpravi “Intelligence Squared”, kjer je trdil, da je katoliška cerkev naredila več škode kot dobrega. Fryjeva izpopolnjena, a močna drža proti katoliški cerkvi pozdravlja spoštovanje. Njegov govor o katoliški cerkvi  

89. Evo Morales

20. maja 2017 je bil nominiran za častnega vodnika za svoja dejanja proti ameriškemu imperializmu in mednarodnemu mega kapitalizmu v Južni Ameriki. Njegova administracija se je na splošno štela za prvega predsednika države, ki prihaja iz avtohtonega prebivalstva, in se osredotočila na izvajanje levih politik, zmanjševanje revščine in boj proti vplivu Združenih držav amerike in multinacionalnih korporacij v Boliviji. Morales predstavlja “enega najbolj priljubljenih svetovnih voditeljev”.

90. Oliver Stone

26. junija 2017 ga je maitreya Rael predlagal za častnega vodnika za njegovo odpoved vojačenja v ZDA, še posebej v zelo predanem govoru, tega slavnega ameriškega scenarista, filmskega režiserja in producenta, narejenega na podelitvi nagrad Writers Guild Awards (2017). Oliver Stone izpostavlja vojačenje ZDA na writers guild awards  

91. Profesor Emmanuel Kabongo Malu in dr. Theopile Obenga

21. decembra 2017 jih je Maitreya Rael predlagal za častnega vodnika za afriške akademike, da bi ponovno vzpostavili resnico o kolonizaciji v Afriki. Maitraya Rael jih je po tem, ko je gledal videoposnetek, v katerem sta oba intervjuvana, predlagala in z naslovom “No White can tell the truth about the history of Africa”.

92. Singer Roger Waters

4. julija 2018 ga je maitreya Rael predlagal za častnega vodnika, ker je poklical k bojkotu Izraela med koncertom, ki je bil junija v Parizu. Je angleški kantavtor, pevec, basist in skladatelj. Leta 1965 je soustanovil progresivno rock skupino Pink Floyd. Roger Waters kliče kolege glasbenike zaradi zavrnitve izraelskega kulturnega bojkota  

93. Nana Akufo-Addo

15. avgusta 2019 ga je maitreya Rael predlagal za častnega vodnika za njegov projekt Leto vrnitve, ki je v popolnem soglasju s projektom Back to Kama, ki ga je leta 2009 začel Maitreya Rael, in ki naj bi prostovoljno prenesel v Kamo (Afrika) znanje in bogastvo, so bi se ljudje iz afriškega porekla zakonito vrnili čez lužo. Nana Akufo-Addo je predsednica Gane od januarja 2017.

94. Nicolas Maduro

je bil 28. marca 2020 nominiran za častnega vodnika, da bi izrazil podporo po njegovi obtožbi in po pozivu k njegovemu zajetju v ZDA, kar je še ena epizoda neskončnega ameriškega imperializma, ki državam preprečuje, da bi živele v skladu s svojimi kulturnimi in političnimi težnjami.

95. Dr. Arikana Chihombori Quao

Maitreya Rael jo je 30. aprila 2020 predlagal za častnega vodnika za svojo nezadržno zavezanost v boju za pravo dekolonizacijo in razvoj Kame(Afrike).