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Maitreya Rael, Raelian olmayan ama Raelianlar gibi
şiddeti azaltarak, adaletsizliği kınayarak, Tanrı ile ilgili tabuları ortadan kaldırarak ve İnsan Haklarını teşvik ederek
hayatlarını dünyayı değiştirmeye adayan kadın ve erkeklere Onur Rehberler unvanını veriyor.

1. Madonna

Madonna was nominated as an honorary guide on April 24, 1991, for her role in promoting sexual awakening, like in the video clip of her song ‘Like a Prayer’.  

2. Sinead O’Connor

Sinead O’Connor, 9 Mart 1992’de, kilisenin rahipler tarafından çocukların istismar edilmesindeki rolünü protesto etmek için canlı TV’de Papa’nın bir resmini yırttıktan sonra onursal bir rehber olarak aday gösterildi. Bob Marley’in ‘War’u SNL’de Sinéad O’Connor tarafından seslendirildi

3. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was nominated as an honorary guide  in 1992 for his pro-peace and anti-racism songs, especially “Heal the World,” “Who’s Bad?” and “Black or White.” In 1992, Jackson set up the Heal the World Foundation, which focuses on making the safe and healthy development of children a top priority worldwide. The foundation also aims at making the world aware of children’s rights and needs, and to improve humanity by eliminating violence and disease.

4. George Michael

George Michael, 8 Temmuz 2002’de, Amerikan Başkanı George Bush ve İngiltere Başbakanı Tony Blair’i Irak’a saldırma kararlarından dolayı azarlayan “Köpeği Vur” adlı video klibi için onursal rehber olarak aday gösterildi. Video, Blair’i Bush tarafından yürüyen bir köpek olarak tasvir etti ve bazı İngiliz TV istasyonları, şok edici doğası nedeniyle film klibini sansürledi. Michael, Irak’taki savaşa sürekli olarak karşı çıktı.

5. Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill was nominated as an honorary guide on December 16, 2003. During a Christmas concert at the Vatican, she severely criticized the Catholic Church, accusing it of corrupting and abusing children. She alluded to the many sexual abuses of children by U.S. priests and asked them to repent. She was later censored from the Christmas Eve Vatican Concert retransmission on TV. To justify her absence, they told her that her papers weren’t in order. But the papers had to be filled in before the event registration. The most likely reason Hill was cut? She had harshly criticized the Catholic Church.

6. Alexandre Grangeiro

Alexandre Grangeiro was nominated as an honorary guide on February 20, 2004. While heading the Brazilian Health Ministry program to fight against AIDS, he publicly condemned the Catholic Church for wrongfully claiming that condoms don’t offer protection and for thereby committing a new crime against humanity.

7. Ramsey Clark

Ramsey Clark was nominated as an honorary guide on March 4, 2004, for his open letter, dated Jan.29, 2004, to General Secretary of the United Nations Kofi Annan. (You may see the letter at www.iacenter.org/rc_un0104.htm.) as a former American general prosecutor at the Justice Department, Ramsey Clark took a firm stand against the violent and illegal policies of George W. Bush, especially the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, in which 40,000 defenseless people were killed. Clark compared Bush to Goering and denounced the accumulation and development of new nuclear weapons by the United States while other countries have been denied the right to have them. He also denounced the violation of de-nuclearization treaties signed by the U.S. government and the deaths of 567,000 Iraqi children caused by 12 years of economical sanctions imposed by the United Nations after U.S. prompting.

8. Michael Moore

Michael Moore was nominated as an honorary guide on April 21, 2004. His 2002 documentary, “Bowling for Columbine,” depicted the increase of violence and fear in a gun-crazy America and explored underlying attitudes responsible for this negative cultural milieu. He has since then made other thought-provoking, controversial documentaries characterized by a relentless search for truth backed by hard but unpopular facts.

9. Linda Ronstadt

Linda Ronstadt was nominated as an honorary guide on July 22, 2004. after her constant support of filmmaker Michael Moore and her liberal views. A few days before her nomination, she was denied an appearance at the Aladdin Casino in Las Vegas after she dedicated the song “Desperado” to Moore and asked her audience to see Fahrenheit 9/11, his latest film. In her dedication, Ronstadt described Moore as “a patriot spreading the truth.” The dedication angered many in the audience, who deliberately spilled drinks, tore down posters, and demanded their money back. According to an Aladdin spokesperson, about 25 percent of the audience of 4,500 got up and left before the performance had finished.

10. Bill Gates

Bill Gates was nominated as an honorary guide on July 26, 2004. Founder of Microsoft, one of the world’s wealthiest men, and a worldwide philanthropist, Gates arranged in 2004 to give yet another $3 billion to charitable trusts promoting greater equality in global health and learning. In declaring him an Honorary Guide, Rael said Gates is much more of a saint than Mother Theresa was since he doesn’t spend 90 percent of his donated funds trying to convert those he helps to a religious faith other than their own as she did. Stating that education and basic health measures should be the right of all, Rael pointed out that Gates was setting an example of generosity and compassion – with no strings of religious conversion attached.

11. Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner was nominated as honorary guide on October 2004 for his milestone achievements in breaking sexual taboos. The Playboy magnate also published a substantial Raelian interview in October 2004 that included photos of a number of alluring Raelian women.      

12. Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez, Ekim 2004’te, Amerika’nın sömürgeleştirilmesi sırasında Avrupalılar tarafından işlenen korkunç soykırımları ve diğer suçları kınayanlara verdiği destekten dolayı onursal bir rehber olarak aday gösterildi. Amerika’daki geleneksel Kolomb Günü tatilinin adını reddederek, bundan böyle yerli halkın onuruna Kızılderili Direniş Günü olarak bilinmesi gerektiğini ilan etti.

13. Eminem

Eminem was nominated as honorary guide on November 29, 2004, for his anti-war song “Mosh.” The video shows that governmental fear-mongering, whether imposed locally or nationally, is highly effective for manipulating people.

14. Thaksin Shinawatra

Thaksin Shinawatra former Prime Minister of Thailand): was nominated honorary guide on December 13, 2004, for his action in countering violence in a creative, peaceful way. To help stem violence in a Muslim-dominated southern region of Thailand, he had military planes drop thousands of paper “peace bombs,” some of which contained promises of education or employment.

15. Leon Ferrari

Leon Ferrari was nominated honorary guide on January 10, 2005, for his most famous artwork, La civilización occidental y Cristiana (“Western-Christian Civilization,”1965), in which Christ is shown crucified on an American warplane as a symbolic protest against the Vietnam War. Ferrari has also created works deemed offensive by the Catholic Church, and one of his exhibitions was forced to close in Buenos Aires after a Catholic priest obtained a court order.

16. Michael Newdow

Michael Newdow was nominated honorary guide on January 17, 2005, for his commitment to remove all mentions of God from U.S. public affairs. (See his Web site. He is a Newdow, an attorney, and a doctor who resides in California. www.restorethepledge.com.)

17. Ward Churchill

Ward Churchill was nominated honorary guide on Feb. 10, 2005, for his antiwar essay “Satya,” which many Americans deemed “insensitive” or “unpatriotic.” Churchill pointed out that the three million people killed in the war in Indochina and those who died in the U.S. invasions of Grenada and Panama were victims of unconscionable governmental decisions. Further, he said indigenous peoples are still subject to genocidal policies. He is a Colorado University professor.

18. Rosie O’Donnell

Rosie O’Donnell was nominated honorary guide on July 15, 2005, for her unswerving support of human rights. She applauded Canada’s decision to recognize gay rights and condemned the United States for refusing to grant homosexuals the right to marry.

19. Nicholas Negroponte

Nicholas Negroponte was nominated honorary guide on October 1, 2005, Rael sent his personal congratulations to Nicholas Negroponte and named him Honorary Guide for his advancement of education in impoverished countries. Committed to providing children worldwide with the means to use the educational and communications benefits of the Internet, Negroponte currently chairs One Laptop Per Child, a nonprofit organization that supplies inexpensive (under $100) computers designated for children in poor countries.

20. Michel Houellebecq

Michel Houellebecq was nominated honorary guide on October 7, 2005, for: (1) writing a novel (its English title is “The Possibility of an Island”) that depicts a religious movement inspired by the Raelian Movement; (2) integrity and exemplary honesty when publicly discussing the Raelian Movement; and (3) generating extraordinary worldwide media interest in Raelianism. Houellebecq said he is proud of his Honorary Guide designation, especially since he was the first and (at the time) only French citizen to be given this title.  

21. Cindy Sheehan ·

Cindy Sheehan, 8 Kasım 2005’te barışı ve şiddetsizliği teşvik ettiği için onursal rehber olarak aday gösterildi. Sheehan’ın oğlu Casey Irak’ta görev yaparken öldürüldü ve ölümünden sonra Başkan George Bush’tan savaş için bir açıklama talep etti ve bu amaç için durmadan kampanya yürüttü. Savaşı ve yol açtığı anlamsız ölümleri açıkça protesto etmek için Crawford çiftliğinin kapılarının yakınında bir kamp kurarak, ABD barış hareketini yeni bir nesil için yeniden canlandırdı.

22. Brian Haw

Brian Haw, 14 Ocak 2006’da onursal rehber olarak aday gösterildi. Brian Haw, Iraklı çocukların kötü durumunu vurgulamak için dört buçuk yılını Londra Parlamentosu dışında kamp kurarak geçirmişti. Avam Kamarası’nın bir kilometrelik yarıçapında kendiliğinden ifade özgürlüğünü yasaklayan bir yasa çıkarıldıktan sonra tutuklanan Brian Haw, polise, “Barışı ihlal etmiyorum. Bunun için savaşıyorum.” Neredeyse hemen serbest bırakıldı: Uyku tulumu Başbakan’ın yatak odasına bağırma mesafesinde olmasına rağmen, yasa yürürlüğe girmeden önce oradaydı. Yüksek Mahkeme yargıçları, karardan muaf olduğuna karar verdi. Bununla birlikte, polis onu taciz etmeye devam etse de, Haw Parlamento Meydanı’na geri döndü ve bir barış kampı kurdu. Haziran 2001’den beri orada nöbet tutuyor. Barış protesto videosu

23. William Blum

William Blum was nominated honorary guide on Jan. 25, 2006. American author and U.S. policy critic Blum has written several books, including “Rogue State: A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower,” which became a bestseller after Osama Bin Laden said in a video message that all Americans should read it. A former State Department employee, Blum started his activist career in 1969 when he exposed the names and addresses of 212 CIA officials, and he has since authored a number of books and worked to expose government corruption.

24. Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ayaan Hirsi Ali was nominated honorary guide on Feb. 6, 2006. This Dutch feminist, writer, and politician was born in Somalia, left her native country at 22 to escape from an arranged marriage, and found refuge in the Netherlands, where she later became an elected representative. A strong advocate of the freedom of Muslim women, she became a target of Islamic extremists. Theo Van Gogh, director of “Soumission,” (“Submission”), a film critical of the treatment of women in Islamic society, was murdered by such a group in November 2004, and Dutch authorities have confirmed that Hirsi Ali, who wrote the screenplay, is also in danger.

25. Vefa Sultan

Wafa Sultan, Müslüman köktendinciliğin sakıncaları konusunda güçlü bir duruş sergilediği için 20 Mart 2006’da onursal rehber olarak aday gösterildi. Los Angeles’lı Arap-Amerikalı psikolog Wafa Sultan. 21 Şubat 2006’da El Cezire televizyonunda yayınlanan bir röportajda, bugünün birincil çatışmasının medeniyetler çatışması değil, Orta Çağ’ın zihniyeti ile 21. yüzyılın zihniyeti arasındaki bir çatışma olduğunu söyledi.

26. Michel Onfray

Michel Onfray was nominated honorary guide on March 20, 2006. The work of this French philosopher and writer is very close to the Raelian philosophy.

27. Michael Berg

Michael Berg was nominated honorary guide on June 9, 2006, for his admirable reaction to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s execution by the American army. Although his son had been beheaded by this man, Berg took a stand against revenge, saying every act of violence leads to more violence in a never-ending, vicious circle of death. Berg practices the absolute non-violence advocated by Ghandi – the only value that can save the world.

28. Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett was nominated honorary guide on June 30, 2006, for his exceptional generosity and compassion. An American investor and one of the world’s richest men, Buffett announced in June 2006 that he had decided to give away 85 percent of his vast wealth to benefit humanity. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and other foundations have begun distributing the funds to assorted educational and humanitarian projects around the world.

29. King Jigme Singye Wangchuck

King Jigme Singye Wangchuck was nominated honorary guide on Aug. 10, 2006, for his wise rule illustrating peace and love toward all of humanity. Rael especially commended the emphasis placed on “Gross National Happiness” over economic growth. He also praised the king’s decision to make the Kingdom of Bhutan the first non-smoking nation; the care taken to protect the country from the cultural pollution of excessive tourism, and his offer to give up his power as supreme ruler and institute democratic procedures. Largely through his efforts, the country is now a constitutional monarchy rather than an absolute monarchy. Revered by his people, he retained power after a democratic vote, then abdicated in favor of his eldest son in late 2006.

30. John Sanford

Dr. John Sanford was nominated honorary guide on Aug. 21, 2006, for his brilliant and courageous exposure of the flaws in the evolutionary premise. In his book “Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome,” Sanford illustrated that the very foundation of the theory of evolution, the “primary axiom,” is false. In addition to presenting compelling evidence that entire genomes cannot evolve upward, he presented compelling evidence that higher genomes actually degenerate over time. A growing number of scientists, including Dr. Sanford, are courageously countering the views of those “elevated high priests of the scientific community” who continue promoting evolution as an incontestable reality despite overwhelming evidence against it.

31. Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo

Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo was nominated honorary guide on November 7, 2006. This Zambian Archbishop made it his mission to seek change in longstanding Vatican policy. Had he been successful in persuading his superiors that priests should be allowed to marry, he could have saved many innocent children from sexual abuse, but he was excommunicated from the Catholic Church for ordaining married men. The widely publicized existence of numerous pedophiles in the Catholic Church speaks for itself, and the only way to deal with it is to allow priests a normal sex life.

32. Jose Ramos Hortas

Jose Ramos Hortas was nominated honorary guide on December 29, 2006, for his message to Osama Bin Laden aired six days earlier by the BBC. The message encouraged the Al Qaeda leader to extend the love and compassion he shows for his Muslim brothers and sisters to everyone in the world. He is the prime minister of East Timor.

33. Tali Fahima

Tali Fahima was nominated honorary guide on January 4, 2007. This Israeli peace activist served two-thirds of a three-year prison sentence for helping a Palestinian militant. “I was brought up to consider Arabs as something that shouldn’t be here,” she told Ha’ir, a Tel Aviv weekly paper. “One day I understood there were many gaps in my information, things that are not in the media. I realized that it’s about human beings, and that we have to take responsibility for the way their lives look.”

34. Eyal Sivan

Eyal Sivan was nominated honorary guide on Feb. 20, 2007, Sivan directed “Route 181: Fragments of a Journey in Israel-Palestine,” a film in which he portrayed the divide of the physical landscape and that of the humans who inhabit it. He especially emphasized the deep racial hatred Israelis harbor toward Palestinians. His film “Route 181: Fragments of a Journey in Israel-Palestine”

35. Sean Penn

Sean Penn was nominated honorary guide on April 4, 2007, the Academy Award-winning star of “Mystic River,” (he was also Oscar-nominated for “I Am Sam” and “Dead Man Walking,”) was made an Honorary Guide. Rael cited Penn’s unconditional stand for peace and his unique ways of reminding people that a single human life is always precious, whether that person is from theUnited States, Iraq, Iran or elsewhere.

36. Sheikh Mohammed

Sheikh Mohammed was nominated honorary guide on May 26, 2007. Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum: As ruler of Dubai, he allocated $10 billion for an educational fund in the Middle East, where 40 percent of the women lack access to education.

37. Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter was nominated honorary guide on October 11, 2007, for his courageous stance of “putting truth before politically correct nationalism.”

38. Tiken Jah Fakoli

 Tiken Jah Fakoli was nominated honorary guide on December 28, 2007. This Ivory Coast celebrity penned the song “No to Excision” to protest the barbaric tradition of female genital mutilation. He has also stated his commitment to promoting African unity, peace, and forgiveness. His music video “No to Excision“

39. Daniel Barenboim

Daniel Barenboim was nominated honorary guide on January 17, 2008, for promoting peace in the Middle East and championing Palestinian rights. He is a renowned conductor and pianist, an Israeli citizen.

40. Vincent Kragbe Gadou

Vincent Kragbe Gadou was nominated honorary guide on Sept. 19, 2008. Rael praised him for his extraordinary involvement in the creation of this free trade zone as well as for his promotion of cooperation with the so-called emerging countries of China, India, and Brazil. He is a Gadou, Chairman of the Free Trade Zone in Biotechnology and Information Technologies in Ivory Coast.

41. Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky, 30 Eylül 2008’de anlayış ve barışı amaçlayan övgüye değer eylemleri nedeniyle onursal rehber olarak aday gösterildi. Amerikalı bir dilbilimci, filozof, bilişsel bilim adamı, siyasi aktivist, yazar ve öğretim görevlisidir.

42. Jacque Fresk

Jacque Fresco, 23 Ekim 2008’de, tüm hayatı boyunca insan davranışını ve insanlığın geleceğini araştırmaya olan derin bağlılığı nedeniyle onursal rehber olarak aday gösterildi. Ünlü bir fütürist, kendi kendini yetiştirmiş bilim adamı, mimar ve mucittir. BBC röportaj videosu

43. Gilad Atzmon

Gilad Atzmon, Rael’in “Yahudi Tarihinin Sonunda Teröre Karşı Savaş” adlı makalesini okumasının ardından onursal rehber olarak aday gösterildi. 22 Mart 2009’da. İsrail doğumlu İngiliz caz müzisyeni ve anti-Siyonist yazar ve aktivisttir. https://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article22259.htm

44. Christine Rabette

Christine Rabette was nominated for honorary guide on may 12, 2009, for her short movie ‘‘Merci’’ The film is about how laughing is contagious. Her film “Merci“  

45. Tsvi Misinai

Tsvi Misinai was nominated honorary guide on August 6th, 2009, for his powerful actions to prove that Palestinians are Jews converted to Islam. He is a renowned pioneer of the Israeli software industry.

46. Patch Adams

Patch Adams, dünyamızda daha fazla şefkat, sevgi ve adalet getirme çabalarından dolayı 10 Mayıs 2010’da Onursal Rehber olarak aday gösterildi. Bir doktor ve sosyal aktivist olarak, Gesundheit enstitüsünü alternatif tıp uygulayan bir okul ve klinik olarak yarattı. Röportaj klibi  

47. Georges Soros

Georges Soros was nominated Honorary Guide on September 8, 2010, for his actions to promote and defend human rights. As a billionaire, he is well known for his work in currency speculation and philanthropic activities.

48. Timothy Berners-Lee

Timothy Berners-Lee was nominated Honorary Guide on September 17th, 2010, as the principal inventor of the internet and the World Wide Web and for advocating free internet access for all humanity.

49. Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell was nominated Honorary Guide on September 21st, 2010, for campaigning for human rights, democracy, and global justice since 1967. He is co-founder of the gay rights organization Outrage and a left-wing member of the Green Party of the United Kingdom.

50. Yoav Shamir

Yoav Shamir was nominated Honorary Guide on September 30, 2010, for his controversial viewpoint of Israeli political policies in his documentaries ‘‘Check Point’’ and ‘‘Defamation’’. His documentaries ‘‘Check Point’’  

51. Julian Assange

Julian Assange, 10 Aralık 2010’da, hayatını daha iyi bir dünya yaratmaya adadığı ve hükümetlerin ifşaatçı sitesi Wikileaks’teki manipülasyonlarını ifşa ettiği için Onursal Rehber’e aday gösterildi.

52. Illan Pappe

llan Pappe was nominated Honorary Guide on February 26, 2011, for his vision for justice and his declaration regarding the current leaders of Israel as criminals for the many terrible acts against the Palestinian people.

53. Norman Finkelstein

Norman Finkelstein was nominated Honorary Guide on March 7, 2011, for his sharp and well-argued criticism against the State of Israel as well as Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian people.

54. Michael Bailey

Michael Bailey was nominated Honorary Guide on March 11, 2011, for his effort to carry out the “pleasure demonstration ” in his curriculum. He is best known among scientists for his work on the etiology of sexual orientation, He also wrote The Man Who Would Be Queen, which has elicited reactions ranging from strong criticism to a nomination for an award later retracted from the Lambda Literary Foundation.

55. Gerald Kaufman

Gerald Kaufman, 31 Mart 2011’de İsrail’in Filistin’e karşı olduğu görüşlerinden dolayı Onursal Rehber’e aday gösterildi. Daha önce İngiltere’deki İşçi Partisi’ne bağlı Siyonizm yanlısı bir grup olan Yahudi İşçi Hareketi’nin bir üyesidir ve İsrail politikalarının önde gelen eleştirmenlerinden biri haline gelmiştir.

56. Amar Bose

Amar Bose was nominated Honorary Guide since May 21, 2011, for his philanthropy and recent gift to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA). He donated a vast amount of his money to science and education instead of letting everything go to his descendants.

57. Mordehay Vanunu

Mordechai Vanunu, nükleersiz Ortadoğu için 25 yıllık mücadelesi nedeniyle 21 Mayıs 2011’de Onursal Rehber’e aday gösterdi. Barış için hayatını tehlikeye atan O, İsrail’in gizli nükleer planlarını 1986’da İngiliz medyasına sızdıran İsrailli nükleer teknisyendir.

58. Rais Bhuiyan

Rais Bhuiyan was nominated for Honorary Guide on June 9, 2011, for his effort to prevent his attacker from being executed. He is the head of the “World without Hate” organization. He is a Muslim from Bangladesh living in the United States. His video “World Without Hate”

59. Louis Farrakhan

Louis Farrakhan was nominated Honorary Guide on June 27, 2011, for his controversial positions on social and political matters including his speech on U.S. and NATO criminal war actions in Libya and Africa. He spooks out against Barak Obama and his war policies which favor American interests at the risk of all other nations on Earth. He is the leader of the Chicago, Illinois-based Nation of Islam. His Interview with Mike Wallace

60. John Richard Pilger

John Richard Pilger, 30 Haziran 2011’de Batı politikalarına yönelik sert eleştirileri ve gerçekleri sansürsüz bildirme kararlılığı nedeniyle Onursal Rehber’e aday gösterildi.

61. Yoram Kaniuk

Yoram Kaniuk was nominated Honorary Guide on October 28, 2011, for his commendable actions of publicly and loudly apostatizing from Judaism and inspiring others to follow. He is a writer of books translated in 25 languages, painter and journalist, living in Tel Aviv, Israel, and married to a Christian woman. His religion status is now “no religion”, like his children, even if considered a Jew by nationality.

62. Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Manning was nominated Honorary Guide on December 20, 2011, for her courage in revealing to humanity the dirty secrets of governments.

63. Jacob Zuma

Jacob Zuma was nominated Honorary Guide on December 23, 2011, for having berated Christianity for bringing on the existence of orphans and old age homes. Jacob Zuma has been the President of South Africa since 2009, and made this statement at the launch of a road safety and crime awareness campaign. He also told in his speech, that Africans, long before the arrival of religion and the gospel, had their own ways of doing things.

64. Ronny Edry

Ronny Edry was nominated Honorary Guide on March 7, 2012, for being, with his wife Michal Tamir, at the origin of the “We Love You” campaign on Facebook toward supposedly enemies (in Iran) according to their government. “They are Jewish Gandhis (…)” said Rael. His Campaign Video:“We Love You – Iran & Israel”

65. Michal Tamir

Michal Tamir was nominated Honorary Guide on March 7, 2012, for being, with her husband Ronny Edry, at the origin of the “We Love You” campaign on Facebook toward supposedly enemies (in Iran) according to their government. “They are Jewish Gandhis (…)” said Rael.

66. Paul Ralph Ehrlich

Paul Ralph Ehrlich was nominated Honorary Guide on April 28, 2012, for his effort to stop the earth’s overpopulation, and even to ask for reducing it drastically. Paul Ralph Ehrlich is an American biologist, ecologist, and demographer, best known for his warnings about population growth and limited resources. He became well-known after the publication 1968 of his controversial book: The Population Bomb.  

67. Jacques Cohen

Jacques Cohen was nominated Honorary Guide on June 30, 2012, for his work and pro-human cloning declarations ( see rael-science June 30, 2012: World’s first GM babies born ). Jacques Cohen is a Dutch embryologist living in New York, currently Director at Reprogenetics.

68. Miko Peled

Miko Peled was nominated Honorary Guide on August 7, 2012, for his work on speaking out about the idea of transforming the Israeli’s apartheid system into a secular democracy by tearing down the separation wall and allowing Israelis and Palestinians to live as equal citizens. He is best known for his book, The Generals Son, and lives in California, USA.

69. Salman Khan

Salman Khan was nominated Honorary Guide on August 8, 2012, for establishing the Khan Institue, an online learning platform that has won him the international title of “the world’s most influential online educator”. His mission is to provide “a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere” by allowing interested students to access learning videos on a wide range of subjects and giving them the freedom to choose what they want to learn, whenever they want to, from wherever they are. He lives in California, USA. His Presentation video on TED

70. Rafael Correa

Rafael Correa was nominated for Honorary Guide on September 13, 2012, for granting political asylum to Julian Assange, the leader of Wikileak. The President of Ecuador is also awarded this title for the way he champions truth and justice nationally and internationally, especially for the way the stands up to the bullying economic pressure of the United States and its puppets.

71. Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking was nominated  Honorary Guide on May 10, 2013, for his decision to withdraw from an Israeli President’s Conference to support an academic boycott against Israel, in relation to its occupation of Palestine.

72. Joycelyn Elders

Joycelyn Elders was nominated Honorary Guide on May 15, 2013, for her speeches regarding Pro-Masturbation, which unfortunately saw her lose her job as Surgeon General, USA, under Bill Clinton, along with her position in favor of the legalization and distribution of contraception within US schools. Her video speech about condoms and pro-masturbation  

73. Eran Elhaik

Eran Elhaik was nominated Honorary Guide on July 6, 2013, for his controversial genetic study supporting that Ashkenazi Jews came from Khazaria, not Palestine. He is challenging other geneticists holding that Jews are genetically more similar to each other than to their non-Jewish neighbors, and also challenging that they have a shared Middle Eastern ancestry.

74. Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden, 15 Temmuz 2013’te, dünya çapındaki ABD gözetim programları hakkında ayrıntıları sızdırırken İnsanlığa sunduğu büyük hizmet için Onursal Rehber’e aday gösterdi. Rael, “Snowden gerçek bir kahraman ve dünya halkının yüce Orwellci hükümetlerin kanserinden korunabileceği barışçıl ve özgür bir geleceğe sahip olması için onun gibi binlerce kişiye daha ihtiyacı var” dedi. Röportaj videosu

75. Russel Brand

Russel Brand was nominated Honorary Guide on October 24, 2013, by Maitreya Rael, for his call for a world revolution in a recent interview. He is an English comedian, actor, radio host, and author. His interview with BBC

76. Karen Hudes

Karen Hudes, 1 Kasım 2013’te Maitreya Rael tarafından, ABD İhracat-İthalat Bankası’nda 8 yıl ve Dünya Bankası’nın hukuk departmanında 21 yıl çalışmış bir ekonomist olarak, finansal seçkinlerin dünyaya nasıl hükmettiğine dair ifşaatları nedeniyle Onursal Rehber’e aday gösterildi.

77. Matt Damon

Matt Damon was nominated Honorary Guide on November 25, 2013, by Maitreya Rael, for using his big-screen influence as a famous American actor to help important causes, such as his work concerning clean water for all, or his fight for public education, and above all, for his recent speech endorsing the late historian Howard Zinn’s writing on civil disobedience. His Speech “The Problem is Civil Obedience“

78. Natan Blanc

Natan Blanc was awarded the title of Honorary Guide of Mankind by Rael Maitreya on July, 30th, 2014, because “this young Israeli” is “ready to go to jail for the 8th time for refusing to serve in the Israeli army of occupation and genocide”.

79. Ken O’Keefe

Ken O’Keefe, 19 Ekim 2014’te Onursal Rehber unvanını aldı, İrlanda-Filistin vatandaşı ve aktivisti ve 2001 yılında ABD vatandaşlığından vazgeçmeye çalışan eski ABD deniz askeri. ABD’nin dünyanın 1 numaralı teröristi olduğunu savunuyor.

80. Dahlia Wafsi

Dahlia Wafsi was awarded the title of Honorary Guide on October 23, 2014, She is an Iraqi-American physician and peace activist. She did a speech in April 2006, address to the Congressional Progressive caucus called ‘’No Justice No Peace!‘’. Her speech: ‘’No Justice No Peace!‘’  

81. Derek Giardina

Derek Giardina was awarded the title of Honorary Guide on November 10, 2014, for his omission of the God reference while leading the Pledge of Allegiance at his school in the USA. He is a perfect example of integrity and noncompliance with discriminatory traditions.

82. Dieudonne Mbala Mbala

Dieudonne Mbala Mbala was awarded the title of Honorary Guide on June 27, 2015, for his relentless fight for freedom of expression in France. He is a French comedian, actor and political activist.

83. Kobi Tzafrir

Kobi Tzafrir was awarded the title of Honorary Guide on October 22, 2015, for his initiative to offer in his restaurant in Israel 50 percent off each plate of the chickpea paste at tables seating Jews Arabs together, as a response to growing intolerance by both Arab and Israeli extremists.

84. Ai Wei Wei

Ai Wei Wei was awarded the title of Honorary Guide on October 26, 2015, for his fight for freedom of expression. He is a famous Chinese artist and activist. BBC interview clip “Without Fear or Favor“  

85. Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe was nominated as Honorary Guide on October 27, 2015, by Maitreya Rael. He is the president of Zimbabwe since 1987. He received the ‘‘Confucius Peace Prize’’on October 22, 2015, and attempts to revive Gaddafi’s dream.

86. Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg was nominated as Honorary Guide on December 2, 2015, following his decision to give away 99 % of his Facebook (social network) shares to good causes to create a better world for his newborn girl. His interview with his wife

87. Donato Cito

Donato Cito was nominated Honorary Guide by Maitreya Rael, on December 6, 2015, for his courageous public position to welcome Raelians in his Brazilian restaurant in Lausanne after discriminatory refusal from another place and despite the main media’s prejudices against us.

88. Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry, Maitreya Rael tarafından 11 Mart 2016’da Onursal Rehber olarak aday gösterildi, Fry bir ateist, bir hümanist ve eski Yunanlıların birden fazla tanrıya olan inancını seviyor. Fry, örgütlü dine karşı olduğunu defalarca dile getirdi ve “dinin ve mutlakıyetçiliğin zalim, ikiyüzlü ve sevgisiz elinin bir kez daha dünyaya nasıl düştüğü” konusunda uyarıda bulundu. 2009 yılında, Katolik Kilisesi’nin yarardan çok zarar verdiğini savunduğu bir “İstihbarat Meydanı” tartışmasına katıldı. Fry’ın Katolik Kilisesi’ne karşı zarif ama güçlü duruşu saygıyı emrediyor. Katolik Kilisesi hakkında yaptığı konuşma  

89. Evo Morales

Evo Morales was nominated Honorary Guide by Maitreya Rael, on May 20, 2017, for his actions against US imperialism and international mega capitalism in South America. Widely regarded as the country’s first president to come from the indigenous population, his administration has focused on the implementation of leftist policies, poverty reduction, and combating the influence of the United States and multinational corporations in Bolivia. Morales represented “one of the world’s most popular leaders”.

90. Oliver Stone

Oliver Stone, 26 Haziran 2017’de Maitreya Rael tarafından, özellikle Yazarlar Birliği Ödülleri’nde (2017) yapılan bu ünlü Amerikalı senarist, film yönetmeni ve yapımcı olan bu çok kararlı konuşmada, ABD savaş çığırtkanlığını kınadığı için Onursal Rehber olarak aday gösterildi. Oliver Stone, Yazarlar Birliği Ödülleri’nde ABD’li Savaş Çığırtkanlarını Sergiliyor  

91. Emmanuel Kabongo Malu and Theopile Obenga

Professor Emmanuel Kabongo Malu and Dr. Theopile Obenga were nominated as Honorary Guide on December 21, 2017, by Maitreya Rael as African academics, for their works to re-establish the truth about colonization in Africa. Indeed, Maitreya Rael nominated them, after watching a video, in which they are both interviewed, and entitled “No White can tell the truth about the history of Africa”.

92. Şarkıcı Roger Waters

Şarkıcı Roger Waters, Haziran ayında Paris’te verdiği konserde İsrail’i boykot çağrısında bulunduğu için Maitreya Rael tarafından 4 Temmuz 2018’de Onursal Rehber olarak aday gösterildi. İngiliz söz yazarı, şarkıcı, basçı ve besteci. 1965 yılında progresif rock grubu Pink Floyd’u kurdu.

93. Nana Akufo-Addo

Nana Akufo-Addo was nominated as Honorary Guide on August 15, 2019, by Maitreya Rael for his Year of Return project, which is in perfect agreement with the Back to Kama project, launched by Maitreya Rael in 2009, and which is to voluntarily transfer to Kama (Africa) the knowledge and wealth, people from African descent have rightfully accumulated overseas. Nana Akufo-Addo has been the President of Ghana since January 2017.

94. Nicolas Maduro

Nicolas Maduro was nominated as Honorary Guide on March 28, 2020, by Maitreya Rael to show support following his indictment and after a call for his capture by the U.S., which is another episode of the endless American imperialism that prevents countries from living according to their cultural and political aspirations.

95. Arikana Chihombori Quao

Dr. Arikana Chihombori Quao was nominated Honorary Guide on April 30, 2020, by Maitreya Rael for her unreserved commitment in the fight for the true decolonization and development of Kama.

Novak Djokovic

96. Novak Djokovic

Novac Djokovic was named Honorary Guide on January 17, 2022, by Maitreya Rael for his exemplary attitude in refusing the Covid “vaccine”. This world-famous tennis player (ranked number 1 in the world in 2022) was discriminated against during the Australian Open tournament. After having his visa refused, he was then expelled from the country and could not participate in this tournament.

honorary guide Elon-Musk

97. Elon Musk

On April 27, 2022, following Elon Musk‘s purchase of Twitter, Maitreya Rael named him an Honorary Guide of the Raelian Movement for his unwavering support for freedom of speech.


98. Didier Raoult

Prof. Didier Raoult was nominated as Honorary Guide on October 22, 2022 by Maitreya Rael, on the same day together with the American lawyer Robert Kennedy Jr. and the French professor Christian Perronne, for their contribution in bringing alternative perspectives to the alarmist discourse of the governments and media regarding COVID-19 and its alleged vaccines.


99. Christian Perronne

Prof. Christian Perronne was nominated as Honorary Guide on October 22, 2022 by Maitreya Rael, on the same day together with the American lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the French professor Didier Raoult, for their contribution in bringing alternative perspectives to the alarmist discourse of the governments and media regarding COVID-19 and its alleged vaccines.


100. Robert F. Kennedy Jr

Robert F. Kennedy Jr was nominated as Honorary Guide on October 22, 2022 by Maitreya Rael, on the same day together with the French professors Christian Perrone and Didier Raoult, for their contribution in bringing alternative perspectives to the alarmist discourse of the governments and media regarding COVID-19 and its alleged vaccines.


101. Nathalie Yamb

Nathalie Yamb was nominated as Honorary Guide on October 25, 2022 by Maitreya Rael, for her militancy engaged in an anti-Western way, denouncing in particular French neo-colonialism, and her support for the Russian position in the conflict in Ukraine.


102. Alexandra Henrion-Caude

Alexandra Henrion-Caude was nominated as Honorary Guide on October 27, 2022 by Maitreya Rael, for her position against the COVID-19 vaccine and her denunciation of the lies spread by governments and the media in the context of the pandemic.