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Michel Onfray clash Alain Juppé sur sa méconnaissance du Coran (vidéo)

COMMENTAIRE DE RAEL : Position complètement stupide de dire qu’il faut garder tout le coran tel qu’il est et conseiller aux gens d’accepter seulement certains passage tout en laissant en vente et en enseignant aux enfants la totalité, incluant les incitations aux crimes et à la misogynie : seule une censure des écrits religieux, sous […]

Israel unveils Bronze Age ‘Thinker’ figurine

RAEL’S COMMENT: And they say, “Israel unveils Bronze Age ‘Thinker’ figurine” … How do they know that? More probably a non-thinking meditation like the one on this image depicting Maitreya in Japan… or was it a toothache (image on the article)?  

Bamenda protests: Mass arrests in Cameroon

RAEL’S COMMENT: Another damage from colonization showing the need for the dismantlement of the nations created by Europe and the return to the original kingdoms with their original languages, religions, and cultures. As long as borders designed by Europeans are in place, there will be no real decolonization.  

Review: The end of sex

RAEL’S COMMENT: Very stupid title! The end of sexual reproduction doesn’t mean at all the end of sex! On the contrary: it’s the beginning of sex, with more sex for pleasure only, and disconnected from reproduction! This title shows that the author had a very “sex guilty education”, probably Judeo-Christian, saying, “Thou should have sex […]