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It is time to redirect our questioning of the age-old presence of the Swastika and UFOs on Earth.

June 24

is the International Swastika Rehabilitation Day.

Did you know?

The Swastika is the oldest symbol in the world and the only one known to all cultures. It has survived the ages because of its extraordinary connection with the origin and future of humanity.  proswastika.org 

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The Tibetan book of the dead was created in the 8th century
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Q & A

~卐~  What does the Symbol of Infinity represent and what is the Origin of the Swastika

~卐~  Who are the Elohim and what explains the presence of UFOs?    

~卐~  How did the Swastika propagated and who is the Last of the Prophets

~卐~ Why Civilizations that travel in space are non-violent?

~卐~  Why do the Elohim wish to return and what are the favorable conditions for their arrival? 

~卐~  What is the unifying role of the Swastika and the arrival of the Elohim?

The Symbol of Infinity

Emblem of the Elohim.

The Swastika

represents infinity in time and the infinite cycle of matter.

There is no beginning or end to time or matter. The matter that exists has always existed and will always exist, either in the form of matter or energy. Everything is transformed. Nothing is lost, nothing is created. 



The Star of David

represents infinity in space.

Space has no beginning and no end. The triangle pointing upwards represents the infinitely large. The planets and galaxies are the components of an atom of the gigantic being we are in, which itself lives on a planet that composes an even larger being, and this to infinity, towards the infinitely large. The triangle pointing downwards represents the infinitely small. In the infinitely small of the living matter, the atoms are composed of galaxies and planets inhabited by living beings also composed of infinitely small, and this to infinity, towards the infinitely small. 

The Origin of the Swastika

Originally, the Swastika was an integral part of the “Symbol of Infinity”, composed of the Star of David with the Swastika at its center. The Symbol of Infinity alone explains the Universe we are in. It was brought to Earth by the civilization of the Elohim. Since the beginning of humanity, a little more than 13,000 years ago, this symbol has been reproduced in whole or in part, so that today we find either the Swastika or the Star of David and sometimes both symbols side by side or together, integrated notably into architectures and monuments of all times and origins. proswastika.org


“Elohim” is a Hebrew word that means: “ Those who came from the sky ” spoken of in the Genesis of the original Hebrew Bible. They are also called “Anunnaki”, “Brahma”, “Shiva” or “Vishnu” in other religious texts. Ancient writings and traditions around the world tell us that intelligent and powerful beings came to Earth in celestial vehicles. 

25,000 years ago, groups of scientists belonging to this very advanced extraterrestrial civilization came to Earth to create life, including the human being, which they made in their own image and likeness, thanks to a perfect mastery of genetic engineering. All this explains why we are, since the beginning of humanity, the object of benevolent attention on the part of UFOs, or, to be more precise, on the part of the men who direct them and who created us; the Elohim.  

Swastika on their Spaceships

The Symbol of Infinity, emblem of the Elohim, is engraved on their spaceships. The notion of infinity that it embodies is part of the wisdom of the millennial teachings that the Elohim transmitted to the first generations of human beings that they encountered, as well as to the forty prophets that they brought to life among us, following their departure from the Earth. These teachings on the Swastika, distorted over the millennia, have left their mark on the minds of ancient times and have made this symbol the one that has been most reproduced and communicated from generation to generation.  

The Last of the Prophets

The Last of the Prophets, Rael, rightly called “Prophet of Infinity”, has been diffusing throughout the world for fifty years now, a most important Message revealing the scientific origins of life on Earth as well as teachings of great wisdom. Rael received this Message from the mouth of Yahweh, the President of the planet of the Elohim, during the extraordinary man-to-man contact he had on December 13, 1973, in France. The wisdom of the teachings of the Elohim, transmitted by Maitreya Rael, is in phase with the scientific reality that humanity will soon experience. 

Space Travelers are non-violent

All life that exists in the Universe is the result of an infinite series of creations of humanities by other humanities, across the galaxies. If we, as humanity, manage to raise our level of wisdom above our highly destructive technological level, we will one day be able to create life on another planet. Because civilizations that manage to control their aggressiveness are the only ones that succeed in crossing the threshold of self-destruction. They can then reach higher technological levels allowing them to escape their solar system. This is why all civilizations that travel in space are without a doubt non-violent, of great wisdom, and naturally, understand what the Symbol of Infinity represents. 

The Elohim love humanity deeply and have always watched over it, waiting for the crucial period we are going through. Our technological development is accelerating in all areas, especially with the technological revolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will lead to singularity. Reality, as we know it, will be radically transformed and will eventually lead to the elimination of work and money  paradism.org

We are witnessing the end of the world based on Having, and the introduction of liberating technologies for mankind will not be without upheaval. Will we be able to show enough conscience, love, and wisdom not to destroy ourselves? The birth of humanity is in progress.

Elohim wish to return

At times constrained and confined, humanity will turn its eyes to the sky. The questions surrounding the presence of UFOs will multiply with the increasing pace of the apparitions of the Elohim until we make THE LINK with our origins. We will see a collective awareness of the illusion of happiness in which we were and that veiled our glance on the true reality, the one for which human beings are made; to be connected to infinity as well as to the universal love that unites us to the advanced Civilizations of the Universe.

The dearest wish of our Creators, the Elohim, is to officially make contact with humanity and its main leaders before 2035.


If people on Earth want us to give them the benefit of our experience and help them gain 25,000 years of scientific knowledge, they have to show us that they want to meet us and above all demonstrate that they deserve it so that all this can be done without any danger to us. If we give our knowledge to humanity, we have to be sure they will make good use of it. Our observations in recent years have not shown that wisdom rules the Earth. Certainly, there has been progress, but some people still die of hunger and a warlike spirit still exists throughout the world. We know that our arrival could improve many things and unite nations but we have to feel that people really want to see us and that they are truly ready to be unified. We also have to feel that they really want to see us arrive, knowing fully who we are and understanding the true meaning of our arrival.” -Intelligent Design, p. 80

The unifying role of the Swastika

Before the arrival of the Elohim, the Swastika will have to be recognized as a universal symbol of peace and unity between peoples. The knowledge of the true meaning of this precious gift from the Elohim will bring us the right understanding of the Universe of which we are part. Thus peace and the true consciousness of humanity will be born; the consciousness of infinity. 

The day the Elohim descend from the sky to us, we will see the unimaginable science and technology of the Elohim manifest before our astonished eyes. The Last of the Prophets, their Messenger on Earth, Maitreya Rael, will be there to welcome them. And in an indescribable joy, everyone will recognize the “Symbol of Infinity” engraved on their spaceships elohimembassy.org