Planetary Meditation for Covid Vax Victims

12월 10, 2022

Planetary Meditation for Covid Vax Victims;

When we meditate, our brainwaves can create immense well-being not only in ourselves but in the people surrounding us. When we do it together in big numbers, the effects multiply.

The Covid crisis created a lot of suffering on the whole planet, not because of the disease itself, but because of the way it was handled by the government and health authorities. Fearmongering by the media and governments, forced lockdowns of healthy people, and mask usage have the potential to create more suffering and disease because it fragilizes people physically and mentally.

The forced vaccination was the final blow. How is it that a newly made vaccine was enforced on the whole population? Was the health of the whole world really what they had in mind? The consequences are disastrous for many people who suffered from side effects from cardiac issues the loss of the menstrual cycle in women, and even death.

For the people who are still alive and suffering from the side effects of this “vaccine” let us join together and use our brainwaves to ease their suffering.


The meditation which will last about 30mins will be held on Saturday, December 10th, simultaneously all over the world, at 14:00h UTC (see time zone below):


  • 06h00 for Los Angeles
  • 09h00 for New York
  • 09h00 for Montreal
  • 11h00 for Rio de Janeiro
  • 14h00 for Abidjan
  • 15h00 for Paris
  • 19h30 for Delhi
  • 22h00 for Beijing
  • 23h00 for Tokyo
  • 01h00 for Sydney (Dec 11)


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