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Novak Djokovic will “probably not” participate in the first Grand Slam because of the vaccine mandate

RAEL’S COMMENT:  Excellent to see top level athletes refuse the vaccine.

Researching all the negative will affect your immunity and detract from our mission.

RAEL’S COMMENT:  JUST A REMINDER If we are not careful, we can all be intoxicated by the media poison that pours a continuous flow of negative and anxiety inducing news. There was the so-called global warming, then covid, and everything connected to it, from the mask to the health pass …

Fake reality

RAEL’S COMMENT:  And your social media is fake : fakebook

The biggest risk in life is not to take any!

RAEL’S COMMENT:  That’s life! Life is made to take risks! Surf, race cars, climb mountains, etc… While dumb people wear masks and stay home…. They are so afraid to die that they are dead while they try to stay alive. The biggest risk in life is not to take any!

South African doctor who discovered Omicron describes symptoms

RAEL’S COMMENT:  “Professor Barry Schoub: So far, the cases have been pretty mild,” But the media do not report that in order to keep everybody in fear…

Mount Fanjing near Mount Fuji?

RAEL’S COMMENT:  The only problem is that the Mount Fanjing Buddhist temple is located in China… while Mount Fuji is in Japan…

Prehistoric if they are living now?

RAEL’S COMMENT:  They are not “prehistoric” as they grow now…

Hospital Activity Analysis 2020

RAEL’S COMMENT:  The official report shows that COVID patients [in France] represent (only) 2% of all hospitalized patients during the year 2020, all hospital divisions combined.

In Vietnam, somebody grafted an orchid onto a tree.

RAEL’S COMMENT:  It’s not a graft, it’s a symbiosis. In Okinawa we always attach the orchids that are being offered to us on trees when they no longer bloom and the following year they make new flowers.

AI tool predicts top animals likely to spread Covid

RAEL’S COMMENT:  So… will they decide on a lockdown for animals? That will be difficult for wildlife animals…

Covid jab compensation claims soar in Australia

RAEL’S COMMENT:  Yes, big pharma negotiated a clause protecting them from any lawsuit whatsoever for side effects, but the governments that enforce these vaccines are NOT protected in any way. They should think twice. But in a way they don’t really care as the money to compensate for damages will …

East German soldier defying orders

RAEL’S COMMENT:  Good to see somebody not following orders…

Naturally Gentle

RAEL’S COMMENT:  Being taken for an idiot by imbeciles, is an exquisite pleasure.

Become a Buddha?

RAEL’S COMMENT:  It’s a common mistake of westerners to believe that being a Buddhist is considering Buddha as a god. His teaching is that everybody can become a Buddha through the process of awakening. There is no god in real Buddhism, which is also an atheistic religion like the Dalai …

In Algeria, French now persona non grata in schools and public services

RAEL’S COMMENT:  Excellent!

Flu Kills 646,000 People Worldwide Each Year

RAEL’S COMMENT:  The flu killed around 400,000 people every year before the covid paranoia started.

In Italy a Grandmother called the police because she was hungry

RAEL’S COMMENT:  Even in uniform you can give love….

Lab-Meat to Hit U.S. Grocery Shelves by 2022

RAEL’S COMMENT:  Cannot wait to taste it…

Social media trolls could face two years in prison

RAEL’S COMMENT:  Very good !

Ancient documents question “paternity” of America’s discovery

RAEL’S COMMENT:  Those who “discovered” America only discovered that they didn’t know it existed….

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