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Student sent to detention for omitting ‘Under God’ from Pledge of Allegiance

RAEL’S COMMENT:  I decided to award him the title of Honorary Guide of Mankind as he is a perfect example of integrity and non compliance with discriminatory traditions.

Chief McDonald’s fries supplier gets USDA nod for ‘cancer-reducing’ GMO-potato

RAEL’S COMMENT:  Wonderful use of GMO technology. No chemical added, just an improvement of the normal (and already modified through centuries of selection”) genetic code of the potatoes. That doesn’t mean I recommend eating in McDonalds restaurants…. but if these potatoes are available on the market I will choose them, …

Ordering The Vegetarian Meal? There’s More Animal Blood On Your Hands

RAEL’S COMMENT:  The wonderful final argument for the sloppy people choosing to be vegetarian in order to avoid the killing of “sentient” animals…

Israel’s killing of 9 Gaza flotilla protesters ‘not of sufficient gravity’ for war crimes probe

RAEL’S COMMENT:  The proof that the ICC is just another puppet of western powers.

A New Acoustic Instrument That Creates Sounds like a Digital Synthesizer

RAEL’S COMMENT:  Imagine….. if all the people of the planet we’re using their genius and senses for art instead of wasting it for money, power, and war…

Drinking while pregnant could become criminal offence in UK

RAEL’S COMMENT:  A very good idea, and it should also for smoking.

Noam Chomsky calls US ‘world’s leading terrorist state’

RAEL’S COMMENT:  He is 100 % right! And it’s not new, it was already at the time of the Hiroshima bombing, which was done precisely to terrorize the Japanese government.

It’s Looking More and More Likely That We Live in a Multiverse

RAEL’S COMMENT:  It’s surprising how scientists who are supposed to be highly educated people don’t even know the meaning of words. Universe means all which exists. That means ALL. But they are so attached to the limit their primitive science created, like the big bang or the size of the …

Israeli ministers pass bill jailing stone throwers for 20 years

RAEL’S COMMENT:  What is the next step? Death penalty for throwing a stone at cars?

Ouverture de l’hopital du Plaisir – restauration du Clitoris (vidéo)

COMMENTAIRE DE RAEL : Le président du Burkina Faso, Blaise Compaoré, qui était derrière le rejet de l’ouverture de l’hôpital Clitoraid, n’est pas plus au pouvoir ! Célébrons !  

Opening of the Pleasure Hospital – restoration of the clitoris

RAEL’S COMMENT:  The president in Burkina Faso, Blaise Compaoré who was behind the rejection of the opening of the Clitoraid hospital is not any more in power! Let’s celebrate!

Why are Ukraine separatist elections controversial?

RAEL’S COMMENT:  It is amazing to see how the western powers parading as ” champions of democracy ” when they wish to invade another country are against elections, which are the supreme manifestation of democracy. It is the fundamental right of any population in the world to secede from a …

Burkina Faso crisis: Army ‘must give power to civilians’

RAEL’S COMMENT:  The army must never lead a country anywhere on earth. Armies are not elected and supposed to defend countries from foreign aggressions and never to impose any form of  “order” on civilians. When they do, it always leads to terrible dictatorships.

Pierre Moscovici un ministre très attentif !

COMMENTAIRE DE RAEL : Un ministre français à son meilleur !  

French Foreign Minister Fabius seen dozing at Algiers conference

RAEL’S COMMENT:  A French minister at his best…

Burkina Faso general takes over as Compaore resigns

RAEL’S COMMENT:  The first thing the top authority of Burkina Faso should do is ask Switzerland to block any bank account belonging to Blaise Compaoré as he may have received a huge amount of money from the ex colonial master, France, to favor French neo colonial interests.

Burkina Faso crisis: Opposition urges Compaore to quit

RAEL’S COMMENT:  It’s time for this dictator submissive to ex colonial powers and especially France and supported by the Vatican to go away and for a real Kama leader to kick western powers out of Burkina Faso.

51 countries declare banking secrecy ‘obsolete’

RAEL’S COMMENT:  This is a totally useless measure. The only people who need transparency on their assets, the 1% of 1 % richest, are moving (and already moved for most of them) their residencies in countries where there is no income or capital taxes, evading any problem, and escaping this …

Lawmaker asks Nobel Committee to strip Obama of Peace Prize

RAEL’S COMMENT:  And he is absolutely right!

Nurse fighting Ebola quarantine

RAEL’S COMMENT: I hope she will get millions of $ in compensation for this abuse of power.

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