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Only One Universe, There is No Multiverse

This video was recorded during the Asian Happiness Academy on May 5th, 2015 (69 a.H.), near Taipei, Taiwan. Every year, people from around the world gather for one week at the Happiness Academy, which takes place on each continent.

These events were initiated by Maitreya Rael so that we can learn to be happier in our daily lives.

In this video, Maitreya Rael talks about the link between “Real Love” and the “Now”, saying that “the NOW is the gate to infinity” and feeling infinity is “Real Love”. Feeling that we are from the universe, feeling NOW: “This is love! Because when we connect ourselves to infinity in time and space, immediately Real Love comes and we feel love for everything alive, becoming one with everything inside us and around us, becoming one with the universe, which is infinite and is one. When we are connected with infinity, we become one!”

Maitreya Rael concludes his speech by teaching us a new powerful meditation about this infinite love, guiding us to feel the oneness with everything, guiding us toward the “Love Gate”.

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