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From Belief to Understanding: The Raelian Way

In this video, Maitreya Rael, the founder of the Raelian Movement, talks about beliefs and how they affect our lives. He highlights that happiness comes from within and not from other people wishing us good health or a happy new year. He argues that we create our own happiness by taking care of our bodies and minds. Maitreya also talks about beliefs and how they can limit our thinking and prevent us from using our consciousness and supraconsciousness. He explains that Raelians are “belief destroyers” who seek to understand the facts of the world rather than believe in superstitions.

During the video, Maitreya challenges common beliefs such as the idea that a shooting star can make our wishes come true. He tells a story from his childhood where his grandmother explained that there was no connection between wishing on a shooting star and the fulfillment of the wish. Maitreya encourages viewers to question their beliefs and not fall into the trap of magical thinking.

Finally, Maitreya talks about the importance of meditation and how it can help us stop thinking and find inner peace. He argues that meditation is not something to believe in, but rather something to do. Maitreya encourages viewers to try meditation and suggests that sleeping is a form of meditation. In conclusion, the video offers a thought-provoking perspective on beliefs, happiness, and meditation from the point of view of the Raelian Movement.

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