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Love stays forever (78-11-05)

Even when everything we do seems to fail, to stop the madness of people who continue to create more and more atomic bombs every day, Maitreya Rael explained, to the local Raelians gathered this Sunday, November 5th 2023 (78 a.H.), why we need to continue to spread love and meditate for peace !

Why do we continue to meditate and promote peace? Maitreya Rael replied: “Because the link between the Elohim and us is stronger than all the armies of the world. The power of love is such that there is not one atomic bomb more powerful than love. One atomic bomb has less power than only one of you meditating for peace. You have to feel the infinite power of your love. Bombs explode, and that’s it. Love stays forever! Yes, bombs can kill millions of people, but one thought of love, no bomb can be more powerful.” Humanity is living a very difficult time, and many people on Earth, like the Raelians, are promoting peace and love. Thanks to his teaching, Maitreya Rael goes further explaining why LOVE is so powerful, and why life is so precious. Speaking about infinity, what primitive people call God, he concludes his enlightening speech saying: “You can do everything with just one thought of love”. Maitreya Rael finished his speech by Thanking the Elohim for this very advanced philosophy which is the key to happiness AND to save humanity !

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