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Spain: record recorded with -34.1° this Wednesday morning in the Pyrenees

RAEL’S COMMENT: Global warming? lol  

Champs-Élysées vrs Capitol Hill

RAEL’S COMMENT: If the French were the same, the Élysée Palace would already be occupied by the people.  

Abraham’s (attempted) sacrifice or murder?

RAEL’S COMMENT: Anybody doing that today would and should be in a psychiatric hospital.  

China to expand weather modification program to cover area larger than India

RAEL’S COMMENT: Magnificent!  

‘We’ll give him protection’: Mexican president promises asylum for Julian Assange

RAEL’S COMMENT: Viva Mexico !  

South Korea reports population drop, with more deaths than births for first time

RAEL’S COMMENT: Very good news! Congratulations Korea! The Korean government (as well as all other countries) should instead use this money to promote the welcoming of refugees and the adoption of orphans  from poor countries.  

9 billions !!

RAEL’S COMMENT: 9 billions !!  

Being homeless in Paris during the lockdown

RAEL’S COMMENT: There are about 30,000 people sleeping on the streets in Paris alone. With the lockdown, those who do not stay at home are subject to a Euro 135 fine … Does the police give such fines to those who sleep on the street? Just curious….  

Nicole Rieu “I fly away”

RAEL’S COMMENT: “I fly away when they want to lock me up” … “I don’t sell my freedom”: not even for my safety! Maitreya Raël shared two verses (in quotes ) from the chorus of the song “I fly” by Nicole Rieu  

More than 2,500 break virus restrictions at illegal rave

RAEL’S COMMENT: Yes, it’s time for people to revolt…  

Doctor says he’s ‘disgusted’ by crowd shouting ‘Covid is a HOAX’ outside London hospital in viral Twitter post

RAEL’S COMMENT: Freedom !!!  

Empty streets vs jubilant crowds: Stark contrast between NYC & Wuhan on NYE provokes envy & accusations

RAEL’S COMMENT: So China is more free than the west…. That is an image which disturbs western media and powers…. Thank you COVID!  

Israel’s Genocide in Gaza Goes Uninterrupted, But Is Europe Finally Taking Notice?

RAEL’S COMMENT: But the world is crying because a white kiwi [bird] died …  

‘You just have to be more chill’ & ‘calm your nerves,’ 101-year-old Russian woman explains how she overcame Covid-19

RAEL’S COMMENT: Be positive, fearless …and no mask !  

Siberia braces for close to record-breaking cold over New Year, with temperatures predicted to hit freezing -50 degrees

RAEL’S COMMENT: Global warming?  

These 45 stunning pictures show what happens when mother nature takes over again

RAEL’S COMMENT: So you see what happens if humanity would self-destruct: nature and the natural older always win, with or without humans….  

Rokhaya Diallo Files A Complaint Against A Sud Radio Listener – RT In French

RAEL’S COMMENT: Show zero tolerance for insults! This also applies to all insults targeting Raëlism.  

Bill Gates a medical expert?

RAEL’S COMMENT: The problem is asking a computer programer to talk about health, a guy who has absolutely no educational background in medicine or science. The issue is not him, but the “journalists” who dare to ask him about it….  

PetroChina makes huge gas find

RAEL’S COMMENT: For those who say that fossil fuels will soon disappear…  

London on lockdown for Xmas

RAEL’S COMMENT: Yes, and in private jets you will not be asked to wear masks.  

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