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Jupiter and Saturn align in the night sky

RAEL’S COMMENT: And… no “end of the world” in sight. Once again, those who want to predict catastrophic events linked to astronomic events or “predictions” from the past (Mayan calendar, Nostradamus etc…) are proven wrong. Nobody can predict the future and celestial phenomena are totally meaningless. This “alignment” is only …

Melbourne towers lockdown ‘breached human rights’

RAEL’S COMMENT: Some people finally take Human Rights into account. Yes, they were written to protect freedom which is more important than anything else, including public safety and health!  

Spectacular fireworks exasperates city hall

RAEL’S COMMENT: Revolt must manifest itself by all means, including beauty!  

Bill Gates says bars and restaurants should ‘sadly’ be closed for 4-6 months, no return to ‘normal’ until 2022

RAEL’S COMMENT: That’s what you say when you have your own private chef at home (like Macron and many other top people…)  

Education is to…

RAEL’S COMMENT: In the same way that people are convinced that wearing a mask is necessary.  

YouTube says it will DELETE videos claiming 2020 election was fraudulent

RAEL’S COMMENT: With more and more censorship, YouTube is no longer the symbol of freedom. Time to find replacements.  

Elon Musk joins California exodus

RAEL’S COMMENT: We do not belong to any state or nation: if restrictions in your country or taxes disturb you, move somewhere else!  

An Amnesty International report that condemns the French authorities!!

RAEL’S COMMENT: It should be remembered that the right to peaceful protest is guaranteed by Human Rights and the Constitution.  

The Invisible Virus

RAEL’S COMMENT: The problem is that even after reading this, covidiots will continue to wear it. Like a scientist said: “wearing a mask to stop viruses is like building a fence made of chicken wire to stop mosquitoes from entering your garden”.  

Policeman of the people for the people

RAEL’S COMMENT: All police officers with a conscience should do the same.  

That’s democracy.

RAEL’S COMMENT: He understood everything… and the only remedy is Geniocracy…  

Hostile architecture

RAEL’S COMMENT: A society without love and compassion even for the poorest who are simply looking for a place to sleep….  

Paper, hemp TP or washlets?

RAEL’S COMMENT: Washlets from Japan should be mandatory worldwide. Killing millions of trees just to wipe your ass is criminal when water can do it better.  

May 68

RAEL’S COMMENT: When the French still knew how to defend their freedom  

The Censored Truth

RAEL’S COMMENT on Dec 2: Go skiing abroad without declaring it and rent your equipment on site…* RAEL’S COMMENT on Dec 3: An apex of dictatorial attitude: “I protect your security by suppressing your freedom.” Testing people returning from abroad is an acceptable possibility, but if the test comes out …

Is considered a conspiracy theorist

RAEL’S COMMENT: I’m a conspiracy theorist.  

This country authorizes the sale of laboratory-created meat, a world first

RAEL’S COMMENT: I can’t wait to taste it!  

Covid-19: Macron announces ‘restrictive measures and deterrents ‘ for French people wanting to ski abroad at Christmas

RAEL’S COMMENT: The very principle of dictatorship: citizens no longer even have the freedom to leave the country!  

101-year-old Italian grandma gets Covid THREE times

RAEL’S COMMENT: So you can get it 3 times at 101 years old and still be alive. So why wearing a mask and being locked down at home?  

Eye Opening Interview With Neuroscientist Will Change Your Life

RAEL’S COMMENT: A must see. It will be used in all our happiness academies. It’s what I have been teaching for 45 years.  

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