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A Chinese tribe that empowers women

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Wonderful! All the world should follow their example!


Mosuo Women (1995): In the land the Chinese call the ‘kingdom of daughters’, womanhood is celebrated. High in the breathtaking mountains of south-western China live the Mosuo tribe. The Mosuo maintain a society which is probably unique in the world: it revolves completely around women.

Property is handed down from mother to daughter. In their language there is not even a word for ‘father’ and conventional marriage is unheard of. In the past the Chinese government tried to stamp out the Mosuo way of life but their culture is now flourishing again. The simple reason is tourism. The Mosuo live beside a beautiful lake, already a popular destination for Chinese tourists. But whether the culture survives remains to be seen – new-found prosperity and contact with outsiders has brought with it a clamour for a change for the Mosuo.

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Прочетете посланията, дадени ни от нашите създатели по време на срещата на Rael’s UFO през 1973!

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