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Spectacular fireworks exasperates city hall

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Revolt must manifest itself by all means, including beauty!


Fired at 9 p.m. on December 8, the day of the traditional „Festival of Lights“ cancelled due to confinement, this undeclared fireworks illuminated the entire Lyon peninsula. The prefecture and the town hall announced that they were filing a complaint against the organizers.

This December 8th was a singularly gloomy one for the people of Lyon. But on the strokes of 9pm, the evening took a turn to say the least unexpected. They were surprised to witness, from their windows, a spectacular fireworks display that suddenly ignited the entire peninsula, the historic center of the city!

Amateur videos have since multiplied on social networks: we see first, along the banks of the Saône, red lights (perhaps smoke?) emerge from the darkness; then the whole peninsula lights up by the light of fireworks fired all along Rue de la République, the main artery of the city centre, as well as the bridges of the Rhône and the Saône. It is finally from the hill of Fourvière itself that the final bouquet is drawn. The scene is surreal: in a few moments, the city seems to hold its revenge on this virus that dared to steal „his“ party.

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