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List of countries by life expectancy

RAEL’S COMMENT: This shows that it’s normal to die when you reach the age of 75, even without any “pandemic”… So media trying to create fear by talking about people over 80 dying of “covid 19”, are just spreading lies.

Why are nations imposing Covid lockdowns called democratic, while those setting citizens free are branded authoritarian?

RAEL’S COMMENT: “…the French national lockdown from mid-March through to mid-May of 2020, during which people were only allowed outside for one hour per day with government authorization, was brutally authoritarian and a shocking blow to civil liberties” – Rachel Marsden, columnist

Haiti’s independence and its debt

RAEL’S COMMENT: This false “debt” should be repaid (with huge interest) to Haiti by France.

‘Wear your vulnerability like a crown’: UFC fighter Claudia Gadelha again strips down to send inspirational message

RAEL’S COMMENT: “To know yourself so well that the reflection from the mirror of others is completely inconsequential. That is freedom.” – Claudia Gadelha

Reparations to descendants of slaves is right if it comes from the descendants of slaveholders, whether white or black

RAEL’S COMMENT: The only fair reparation would be to seize all their wealth.

Washington rejects ICC decision and defends Israel on war crimes

RAEL’S COMMENT: And they will dare to ask, “Why do they hate us so much?”

Connect the brain directly to the digital world in the next 10 years

RAEL’S COMMENT: To have more time to love thanks to technology .

Covid denier mom banned from ALL HOSPITALS after repeatedly posting footage of ‘empty wards’

RAEL’S COMMENT: The message is clear. It is forbidden to show the truth, that hospitals are empty! All people visiting hospitals should now film and report about it!

Vienna: a part of the police takes off their helmets and marches together with citizens.

RAEL’S COMMENT: Everywhere the police should support those who protest instead of attacking them!

Be truthful, gentle and fearless

RAEL’S COMMENT: “Be truthful, gentle and fearless”. All of the world’s tragedies have been, are and will be caused by fear. From wars to anti-covid masks, to lockdowns, genocides, colonization, nazism, racism etc.: all these are due to fear. This also applies to the stockpiling of nuclear weapons. When we …

Facebook fact-checking error may have caused deaths.

RAEL’S COMMENT: Facebook should be prosecuted for being accomplices in the death of all the people who were deprived of HCQ. Censorship should be prosecuted when it contributes to depriving people of a good medicine.

Facebook BANS ‘Robinhood stock traders group’ with 150k+ members over ‘sexual exploitation’ amid GameStop craze – reports

RAEL’S COMMENT: Facebook censorship at its worst… sexual reasons for an investment group disturbing big banks… lol

Sweden: Halmstad bans masks at school

RAEL’S COMMENT: A decision that all authorities should take immediately!    

Power In Unity

RAEL’S COMMENT: French people, it’s time to remember this!    

Futuristic capsules installed in a German city to provide shelter for the homeless

RAEL’S COMMENT: This should be the priority for any really humane government. But they prefer to waste millions on useless weapons…    

Dumping people in quarantine hotels to stop the spread of potential mutant Covid strains shows that paranoia now rules UK policy

RAEL’S COMMENT: Not only in the UK! The whole world is now ruled by a deep paranoia! Symptoms are masks, hostility toward people refusing to wear them, lockdowns, etc…

La justice allemande déclare inconstitutionnelle le verrouillage régional dans une décision «politiquement explosive»

COMMENTAIRE DE RAËL : Cela devrait se produire dans tous les pays!  

German court declares regional lockdown UNCONSTITUTIONAL in ‘politically explosive’ decision

RAEL’S COMMENT: This should happen in every country!  

American imperialism

RAEL’S COMMENT: A perfect symbol for the US … what they have always done: grab land where people are defenseless and while they are not looking…  


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