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How To Give More

On October 7th 2022 (77 a.H.), it was the 47th anniversary of the second encounter of Maitreya Rael with the Elohim. A gathering was held in Okinawa (Japan), to celebrate that anniversary when Maitreya Rael received the teachings from Elohim (in 1975) that would change humanity forever!

Maitreya Rael spoke about people suffering on Earth and teaches us here how to give them our love. Through his teaching and his anecdotes, Maitreya Rael gave us a very important lesson: “Giving is beautiful, but giving the possibility to give is more beautiful.

When you give, you feel good. So, when you give, you have to say thank you to people who accept your gift, because the one who receives is the one who gives. Say thank you, when people accept what you give, and then, happiness blossoms in your mind.”

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