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That every citizen own guns and every country a nuclear bomb is not a problem. The problem is early education of respect for life, respect at large for others, and meditation. You don’t need a gun to kill somebody, a simple kitchen knife is enough, and everybody owns kitchen knives. Even if kitchen knives were forbidden, a simple stone is enough, or even bare hands can strangle somebody to death. The comparison between Japan and the USA is the best example: 506 people get murdered every year in Japan while in the USA it’s 12,996. That’s because, in the first years at school, Japanese children learn only about respecting others and politeness instead of mathematics.
The result is very clear: when you arrive in the USA (or France), you immediately feel the level of aggressiveness and lack of respect. When you arrive in Japan, you immediately feel the extraordinary level of politeness and respect for others. So much that western people make fun of it and they shouldn’t: because it’s precisely the reason why they live in insecurity in their own country!
Linking this criminality to gun possession is totally stupid. Even if guns were legal in Japan, the difference would be the same. One more time, when you want to kill somebody, a kitchen knife is enough. The problem is educating people very early so they will never even think about killing a human being.
And it’s the same for Nations: you don’t need a nuclear bomb to kill millions of people. The USA, having killed more than 20 million people since World War II, without using any nuclear bombs, is the best example. If every nation had nuclear bombs, the USA would have to think twice before attacking any. And these 20 million people would still be alive.
Elohim teach us that the life of one person is more important than all Humanity. If all nations owning nuclear bombs protect millions of people with the risk of destroying all Humanity, it is precisely the teaching of the Elohim!
People opposed to nuclear proliferation believe that Humanity is more important than one person. That’s exactly the opposite of the Elohim’s teaching.
If non-nuclear proliferation means the death of one person, it’s not acceptable. And it’s not one person but millions!
And if nuclear proliferation saves one person but leads to the total destruction of Humanity: so be it!
We will never repeat enough this sentence: “The life of one human being is more important than all Humanity.” It’s the most important message of non-violence from our Creators. Because all genocides are contained in the first person killed. The first Jew killed by Nazis contained the millions that followed, and that Hitler would probably have called “collateral damages”. The first American Indian killed by colonizers contained the millions that followed, etc…
One more time, if nuclear proliferation saves ONE person and leads to the total destruction of Humanity: so be it!
Because a humanity that accepts the death of one person in order to survive doesn’t deserve to survive.
This is absolute non-violence, the only value that is required to be allowed to reach an interplanetary level of civilization.

The unique effectiveness of the Brain-Based Approach to Peace in preventing social violence, terrorism, and war has been confirmed by more than 50 demonstrations and 23 scientific studies. This research has been carefully scrutinized by independent scholars and accepted for publication in leading, peer-reviewed academic journals. In every case, this approach produced marked reductions of crime, social violence, terrorism, and war, and increased peace and positivity in society.

Decreased War and Terrorism

A critical experimental test of the societal impact of the Brain-Based Approach to Peace was conducted during the peak of the Lebanon war. A day-by-day study of a two-month assembly in Israel in 1983 showed that, on days when the number of participants (“TM Group Size,” right) was high, war deaths in neighboring Lebanon dropped by 76%
(p = .0006). In addition, crime, traffic accidents, fires, and other indicators of social stress in Israel (combined into a Composite Index) all correlated strongly with changes in TM group size. Other possible causes (weekends, holidays, weather, etc.) were statistically controlled for (Journal of Conflict Resolution 32: 776-812, 1988) [2].

These results were subsequently replicated in seven consecutive experiments over a two-year period during the peak of the Lebanon war. The results of these interventions included:

war-related fatalities decreased by 71% (p < 10-10)
war-related injuries fell by 68% (p < 10-6)
the level of conflict dropped by 48% (p < 10-8)
cooperation among antagonists increased by 66% (p < 10-6)
The likelihood that these combined results were due to chance is less than one part in 1019, making this effect of reducing societal stress and conflict the most rigorously established phenomenon in the history of the social sciences (Journal of Social Behavior and Personality 17(1): 285–338, 2005) [3].

In addition, the global influence on terrorism of three large coherence-creating assemblies was studied retrospectively through an analysis of data compiled by the Rand Corporation. The data revealed a 72% reduction in worldwide terrorism during the three assemblies taken together, as compared to all other weeks during a two-year period. Each assembly had approached or exceeded the participation threshold (8,000) predicted to create a global influence of peace. The study ruled out the possibility that this reduction in terrorism was due to cycles, trends, or drifts in the measures used, or to seasonal changes (Journal of Offender Rehabilitation 36 (1-4): 283-302, 2003 and references) [17].

Decreased Crime and Social Stress

A National Demonstration Project conducted in Washington, D.C., from June 7 to July 30, 1993, tested the efficacy of the Brain-Based Approach to Peace for reducing crime and social stress and improving the effectiveness of government.

In this carefully controlled experiment, the coherence-creating group increased from 800 to 4,000 over the two-month period. Although violent crime had been steadily increasing during the first five months of the year, soon after the start of the study, violent crime (measured by FBI Uniform Crime Statistics) began decreasing and continued to drop until the end of the experiment (maximum decrease 23.3%), after which it began to rise again. The likelihood that this result could be attributed to chance variation in crime levels was less than two parts per billion (p < .000000002). The drop in crime could not be attributed to other possible causes, including temperature, precipitation, weekends, and police and community anticrime activities (Social Indicators Research 47: 153-201, 1999) [1].

These are just a few of the more than 50 scientific demonstrations and 23 published studies on this Brain-Based Approach and its impact on society. These studies are backed by more than 350 other published, peer-reviewed studies conducted at over 200 independent universities and research institutes in 30 countries on the individual and societal benefits of these powerful technologies of consciousness. This extensive body of scientific research makes the Brain-Based Approach to Peace one of the most thoroughly tested and rigorously established technologies of preventive defense in the world today.

Defusing World Crises: Scientific Research

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