The new great Chinese leap forward

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While within the Empire, there is a new quarrel over the sex of angels and the theft of voices and corruption, China imperturbably pursues the precepts of its great ancient strategist Sun Tzu.

While the world is busy with the (false) announcement effects of the development of messenger RNA vaccines against COVID-19 or the endless electoral circus in the United States, a Chinese research submersible has been able to reach 10,909 meters deep in the Mariana Trench, the deepest oceanic trench known so far, and one of the deepest places in the earth’s crust.

Shortly before the Fendouzhe deep-water submersible and its revolutionary data transmission system, China launched a satellite into space to test 6G technology (7G technology is also being tested near Beijing) while a Chinese Tianwen-1 automatic probe is on its way to the planet Mars.

Another Chang’e-5 lunar mission is scheduled for November 24, 2020. A Long March 5 rocket will propel four vehicles to the moon where one of the vehicles will be tasked with collecting moon rocks during a lunar day (fourteen Earth days) and to place this cargo on another ascending vehicle which must junction with an orbiter to bring it back to Earth.

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