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Germany mulls using typewriters to combat US snooping

RAEL’S COMMENT: For important secret messages I always use normal post mail. It s paradoxically much more secure than anything electronic. Nobody has the right to open paper mail without a warrant and they have huge difficulties knowing who is the sender if you do not put sender s address …

Twitter uproar over photo of Israelis watching attacks on Gaza

RAEL’S COMMENT: They are transforming what was a concentration camp in extermination camps.

Palestinian and Jewish parents morn together

RAEL’S COMMENT: That’s the only way to go! The only way to save humanity! Because if we continue to apply the stupid Jewish bible rule ” eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, ” we will all end up blind and toothless.

Israel hits Gaza, 8 children reported dead

RAEL’S COMMENT: And nobody is moving a finger… but at the same time Ukraine gathers all NATO forces… and if it was 8 Israeli children killed by Palestinian rockets all the world would condemn these ” terrorists”… There was much less children killed in Kosovo and NATO intervened destroying almost …

Natural medicine is great, but chemists can make it even better

RAEL’S COMMENT: Absolutely true! Even “natural medicine ” is chemical…. and sometimes with more side effects than ” natural medicine”. And we must never forget that we have been ourselves created by chemist and biologists…

Chinese tycoon to feed 1,000 poor Americans in charity dinner

RAEL’S COMMENT: Beautiful….. and funny: not so long ago, it was American who were feeding poor Chinese… A symbol of the American decline, and it’s only the beginning…

Over 100,000 form human chain demanding Basque independence vote

RAEL’S COMMENT: Viva the independent Basque Country! It became part of Spain through violent military conquest like Scotland so it is justice.

뉴런은 줄기 세포가 새로운 뉴런을 성장시키도록 지시한다.

라엘의 논평: 이것은 정확히 내가 거의 40년 동안 행복 아카데미에서 가르쳐 왔던 것이다! 우리가 두뇌를 자가 수리할 수 있게 해 준 데 엘로힘께 감사한다! 그리고 그것이 단지 손상된 두뇌를 위한 것이라면 그렇게 흥미롭지는 않을 것이다. 초의식을 발달시키는 신경가소성으로 인해 “정상적인 두뇌”가 정기적인 명상으로 긍정적인 뉴런과 긍정적인 연결을 추가하여 그 능력이 …

두 번째 언어를 배우면 뇌의 노화가 느려 진다.

라엘의 논평: 영어를 배우라! (아니면 훨씬 더 나은 중국어를)

Tourist who took camera inside North Korea is shocked to discover a happy country

RAEL’S COMMENT: What American and NATO media propaganda don’t want you to see: a happy North Korea.

The birth of a Eurasian century: Russia and China do Pipelineistan

RAEL’S COMMENT: In fact, despite the colonialist naming of Europe and Asia as 2 different Continents, Europe and Asia are only one Continent which should be called Eurasia, or if the non colonialist spelling was in traditional alphabetic order should be called Asieurope…. why the name should be started with …

4 hospitals turn away patient with beach ball-sized tumor due to absence of insurance

RAEL’S COMMENT: The result of capitalism: a society without love and compassion with homeless and sick people without any help while the 0.01 % can accumulate more and more billions, own gold plated bathrooms and diamonds covered cars… Only paradism can save the world.

California kids could face misdemeanor charges over bullying

RAEL’S COMMENT: That’s a very good law! It should be applied everywhere in the world! Young kids learn violence very early and if not punished, they will remember it forever. When I was a child, I suffered it a lot with french teachers looking the other side on purpose.

La seule solution est une révolution mondiale imposant le Paradisme!

COMMENTAIRE DE RAEL : La seule solution est une révolution mondiale imposant le Paradisme. C’est indispensable, car les riches n’accepteront jamais de renoncer à leurs privilèges pacifiquement. Cela pourrait se faire presque sans violence, si les riches acceptaient le changement, mais il y a très peu de chance qu’ils le …

What doesn’t kill you may make you live longer News

RAEL’S COMMENT: Amazing discovery destroying the myth of ” anti oxidants” and showing that free radical promote longevity!

Saudi princesses kept hostages by king in their own palace

RAEL’S COMMENT: Scandalous censorship of Facebook, making it impossible to show the image directly…. but I found a way!  Share!  And the US is supporting this government!

Mother launches online campaign to defend 3-year-old son from circumcision

RAEL’S COMMENT: Circumcision is a genital mutilation similar to excision and should be forbidden on children worldwide. Adults can decide to do it for any reason as they are free to do whatever they wish with their own body. But children must be protected.

The Acid-Alkaline Myth

RAEL’S COMMENT: One of the best sites explaining why the acidic/alkaline diet is a myth .Another problem for vegetarians or vegans.

John Paul II crucifix crushes man in northern Italy

RAEL’S COMMENT: The ” protection of god”… lol. If you add the thousands who have been killed when they take refuge in churches when there are earthquakes or hurricanes and are crushed to death when the churches fall on them you see how their imaginary god is powerless.

사회는 명을 다했다고 과학자들은 주장한다

라엘의 논평: 유일한 해결책은 낙원주의를 강제하는 세계 혁명이다. 이러한 혁명이 필수적인 이유는 부자들이 그들의 특권을 포기하는 것을 순순히 받아 드릴 리 없기 때문이다. 부자들이 변화를 받아 들이면 폭력은 거의 없을 수도 있다. 그러나 그들이 그렇게 할 가능성은 거의 없다. 대신에 그들은 점점 더 많은 사람들이 생존을 위해 고군분투하고 있는 시기에 …

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