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How Meditation Can Help You Develop Supra-Consciousness And Become a Buddha

Asian Happiness Academy, June 12th, 72 aH, Okinawa, Japan

That morning at the Asian Happiness Academy, Maitreya Rael asked the participants:

Why do you come to the Happiness Academy?

He then told us that our goal should never be to accumulate more knowledge or try to be more intelligent, but to simply „be,” and explained that his goal is to help everybody become a Buddha by teaching how to use the supraconsciousness. 

„If you use the supraconsciousness you immediately become everything… and nothing,” he said.

To develop the supraconsciousness, all you need is meditation. But what is meditation? Meditation is no thinking! You „are,” without past, without future, you are. If you think about it, it stops immediately and you don’t feel anything.

So, just feel it! Don’t try to understand, it’s like infinity. If you try to understand infinity, you’ll end up nuts. But if you feel it, you become a Buddha. You chose!

*Please note that at the moment of filming this video, the voice of Maitreya Rael was not in a good condition. Even so, Maitreya Rael humbly accepted to talk to us with the same energy and dedication that he is known for.


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