“I hate and despise hunters…” – Brigitte Bardot

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An article by Brigitte Bardot

I hate and despise hunters, these sub-men of abject cowardice with drunken faces who, disguised in military fatigues, armed with sophisticated weapons of war, set off to storm the humble and innocent animals of our forests whose only offense is to be alive and to serve as targets.Hunters are the terrorists of the animal world. They carry within them the genes of a cruel barbarism inherited from our primitive ancestors who, not being able to satisfy themselves with human beings, let off steam on animals. This enjoyment of giving death is proof of their helplessness in giving life. The glaring example of this shameful perversity is the president of the hunting federation, this predator with a big face full of smugness “Willy Schraen” who dared to say during an interview: “I love hunting because I love to kill ”. Isn’t that nice ???

And Macron who bows to them and grants them advantages that violate European laws when he has done nothing for the improvement of animal condition that I have been waiting for 47 years. He kisses ass just for random votes for the next elections.  “A life is worth nothing, but nothing is worth a life” whether human or animal! With the hunters, our forests are no more than a graveyard!

As for ‘hunting with hounds’, it is even worse. It is a grandiose staging of rednecks who take themselves for aristocrats, wearing theatrical outfits, ridiculous, with a luxurious crew, with a starving pack of dogs with the willful intention of killing an animal that will be inhumanly pursued, chased after to the point of exhaustion, until the ‘halali’ when it will be “served” in terror by a dagger which will tear its heart out under the bravos and laughter of the pursuers. Social assassination, legal murder, banned in most EU countries but the horror continues in France. There are very few glaring examples, such as this one, where a law is created for a minority against the will of the majority.

“There is also the most inadmissible of agonies given to little birds, these beings so pure, so fragile, so joyful, what we call glue hunting, which is practiced a lot in the Var region and which consists of coating a branch with glue and placing seeds nearby. The little bird will remain stuck, will not be able to fly any more and will die of exhaustion. The man will come to pick it and make skewers with it. It is our sorry ex Minister of Ecology who authorized it again when it had been banned. Good riddance. ”

Brigitte Bardot
This editorial was published in Info-Journal number 110 (3rd quarter 2019).

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Willy Schraen Video [French]


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