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Biggest attack on

RAEL’S COMMENT:  No doubt that these attacks come from NATO powers.

NATO stages Black Sea naval drills

RAEL’S COMMENT:  A scandalous war provocation by the western imperialists. How would Americans feel if Russia or China (or both) were having a “military drill” in Cuba territorial waters just in front of the US? And after such a provocation they are well entitled to do it!

Scottish vote

RAEL’S COMMENT:  Sean Connery is absolutely right ! And before all : what was conquered by violence must be undone. At least in memory of the ancestors who suffered so much.

Here’s to wine, chocolate and a long healthy life

RAEL’S COMMENT:  So the oldest person on earth, Jeanne Calment reached 122 years and was smoking until 100 years old, eating 1 kilo of chocolate per week, and drinking Port wine every day! (And she was not vegetarian) .That’s a good lesson for the fanatics trying to live longer by …

Satanic Temple to distribute materials to school children in Florida

RAEL’S COMMENT:  Wonderful! Religious freedom is for everybody or it doesn’t exist. I hope our Florida members will also spread the Messages in this school!

ISIS cannot be defeated by bombs and bullets

RAEL’S COMMENT:  Absolutely true! Nothing in the world can be achieved by violence. Violence can give the illusion of victory for a while, like the famous Georges Bush funny claim of ” victory” in Iraq, but it create in fact more resentment, hatred and desire of revenge of the people …

Religion Doesn’t Make People More Moral, Study Finds

RAEL’S COMMENT:  Of course it doesn’t! Quite the opposite! In fact a large majority of killings and tortures throughout human history was done in the name of monotheistic religions !

Obama can fight ISIS without bombs

RAEL’S COMMENT:  Wow, something is changing : a mainstream brainwashing media giving voice to non violence.

Ozone layer showing ‘signs of recovery’, UN says

RAEL’S COMMENT:  Oops, the fanatics of the “end of the world ” theories will not like that…

L’artiste Megumi Igarashi, emprisonnée pour avoir imprimé son vagin en 3D, libérée !

COMMENTAIRE DE RAEL : Envoyez-lui nos encouragements ! Emprisonner quelqu’un pour cela, c’est totalement inacceptable dans un pays où l’on expose d’énormes pénis à l’occasion de nombreuses festivités. C’est le comble du sexisme !  

ProSwastika Alliance Gets 501c3 Nonprofit Status

RAEL’S COMMENT:  This Jewish newspaper really shows the disdain and intolerance some Jewish people show for other religions. They absolutely don’t care that Hindus and Buddhist and many other cultures have used it for thousands of years: for what they suffered very recently from a man who stole it, they …

EU prepares emergency ‘Plan B’ blueprint in case Russia halts gas

RAEL’S COMMENT: Putin is very patient not to stop Russian gas flow to Europe, but patience has limits… Economic sanctions in this case will hurt more those who started it.

Vos amis sadomasochistes ont une bien meilleure santé mentale que vous

COMMENTAIRE DE RAEL : Une étude formidable ! Cela prouve que les psychiatres qui essayent de normaliser les gens ont totalement tort, tout comme ils ont tort quand ils « diagnostiquent »  un  « trouble du déficit de l’attention », et donnent aux gens, (y compris aux enfants) de dangereux médicaments …

Un député britannique donne un cours d’histoire à un auditeur pro-israélien

COMMENTAIRE DE RAEL : Une fantastique leçon d’Histoire.  

Amazing Walk on Christ the Redeemer

RAEL’S COMMENT: An amazing video….but what is especially amazing is that their Christ needs many lightning rods. Where is their ” god’s protection ” ? lol

Maitreya’s position about the Palestine-Israel situation

RAEL’S COMMENT: «Following the request of a few Raelians to have Maitreya’s position about the Palestine-Israel situation, Maitreya made the following statement:»

It’s time to consider restricting human breeding

RAEL’S COMMENT: absolutely !

Dear Woman

RAEL’S COMMENT: Great message (referring to video, see link below) except for the judo-christian guilt about pornography and prostitution, which is a choice that should be made by women who want to do this and even enjoy it. It’s part of respecting women giving them the freedom to enjoy their bodies …

OGM : une « super banane » pour lutter contre la mortalité infantile en Afrique ?

COMMENTAIRE DE RAEL : Ce sont d’excellentes nouvelles à propos d’une utilisation positive des OGM ! Je suis impatient de les goûter !  

Snowden détient de quoi causer encore plus de dommages

COMMENTAIRE DE RAEL : C’est ce que tous les futurs lanceurs d’alerte doivent faire : diffuser leurs informations à des amis sûrs et secrets avant de révéler ce qui doit être révélé. S’assurer que toute tentative de les tuer ou de les priver de leur liberté provoquera automatiquement la diffusion …

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