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Be Proud To Be And Get Enlightened

On July 5th Raelians joined together around Maitreya Rael to hear another great teaching of wisdom during this Sunday’s gathering in Okinawa. This time, the participants were invited to realize that only “not normal” people are interesting in our desire to create a better world. Normal people are… something, enlightened people are, they simply are.

“There is nothing better than yourself”, insisted Maitreya Rael in this speech about how to be, without a name, a title or anything. “A lifetime is sometimes not enough to be you.” We certainly have a lot to do to free ourselves from every model we could have had, parents, teachers, artists.

In these apparently simple words, a completely different perspective of our own life is opening up. And to reach this level we have to get rid of every model, Buddha, Jesus, God or even Maitreya! “Be proud to be!”

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