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The First Tool To Happiness Is To Be S-L-O-W

On November 23rd 2014 (69 a.H.), the Raelians gathered to hear Maitreya Rael share another moment of wisdom at the Sunday gathering in Okinawa, Japan.

Most Raelians have experienced something unique while reading the books of Maitreya Rael, the Messages he received from Extraterrestrials in 1973 and 1975.

So, in that mind, Maitreya Rael invited the participants that day to remember and keep the feeling experienced when reading the books, this connection with the Elohim that we feel, and remind it at every second of our lives, as there is no greater happiness than that when we are conscious of it.

In the quest for happiness, Maitreya Rael teaches us that the first tool to happiness is to be: S-L-O-W.

We need to be S-L-O-W on the three basic positions of our brain:

  • The “right thinking” (which must be slow, because we cannot be happy when we think too fast),
  • The “right speaking” (we only say stupid things when we speak quickly)
  • And the “right action”.

It is therefore up to everyone to practice to be as S-L-O-W as we can in everything you live. It’s not that easy, but we can do it, with the extraordinary tools that the meditations of Maitreya Rael gave us:

  • To feel now
  • To make the emptiness meditation
  • To stop thinking (most of all).

To complete this teaching, Maitreya Rael encourages us to dance, to feel our body, without technique, without thought, just for pleasure, slowly, and thus feel connected to the Elohim through our body.

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