Maitreya Rael awarded the title of Honorary Guide of Humanity to Novak Djokovic

I decided to award the title of Honorary Guide of Humanity to Novak Djokovic for his exemplary attitude in refusing the Covid “vaccine”.

1. He gave €1,000,000 to Italian hospitals for C0V1D
2. He gave €1,000,000 to Serbian hospitals for C0V1D
3. He gave money to Spain for C0V1D
4. He donated money to Australia to fight forest fires
5. Donated funds to Melbourne City Mission’s poor children programs
6. Bought a CT scanner for Belgrade Hospital “Dragisa Mišović”
7. Rented a private plane to transport a girl with a rare disease for treatment in the USA
8 Gave $1,000,000 Australian Open in favor of juniors
9. He gave 500,000 euros to fight the floods in Serbia
10. He donated 110,000 euros to fight the floods in Bosnia and Croatia
11. Raised $1,500,000 for flood damaged kindergartens
12. He gave millions of euros for the education of poor children of thirteen years old.
13. Winter training of 15 Serbian tennis players paid for
14. He offered Lorenzo Musetti a ride on his private field so he wouldn’t miss Wimbledon or school test
15. Fight for the interests of players across the establishment
16. He is a role model for his healthy lifestyle and diet
17. He is a role model in his character and mental endurance
18. He is an example by his hard work and self-discipline
19. He plays every tournament against his opponents and the audience
20. He dominated the field both against Nadal and against Federer, he played his entire career in the Nadal and Federer era.
21. He didn’t let himself be intimidated and became a hero in the resistance movement to little bullies… WELL DONE.. SHARE IT AHEAD..

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