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تشغيل الفيديو

How Laughing Connects You To The Infinity

On November first, 2020, 75a.H., Maitreya Rael spoke to the Raelians present at this gathering about love and infinity. “Love is the shortest way to infinity,” he said, “…to be in supra-consciousness, we have to silence the thinking brain, that brain that judges everything around you”.

Maitreya Rael also talks to us about changes by making us aware that we are always changing, no matter what we do or don’t do. Since we are permanently changing and influencing others, we need to feel the beauty of the change.

In addition, Maitreya Rael invites us to do so with laughter. “Infinity is not serious. To be serious is to be disconnected,” he said, adding that when we are laughing, we are connected to infinity. “Life is funny, we are funny!”

To conclude, Maitreya Rael shared his thoughts on the present situation of the CoronaVirus, mainly about all those people who are currently wearing masks for fear of viruses.

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