Scientists discover THOUSANDS of previously unknown virus species in the human gut

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I have been explaining since the beginning of this stupid world panic about COVID that not only are we made to live with viruses, but that they are very important to have inside of us in order to stay in good health. Any action trying to protect us from viruses or bacteria or to destroy them is sure to fail as they are part of our bodies since the beginning of Humanity and will be part of us forever. If we destroy them all, we also destroy humans. We simply cannot survive without them. They are part of the Natural Order. Being healthy doesn’t mean to destroy all viruses and bacteria but to live with them in harmony. We cannot exist without them! Being aware of that is also very important for our mental health: instead of wearing stupid masks and considering the world full of dangerous microorganisms who can kill us, we start looking at the planet as a beautiful place where everything alive, including bacteria and viruses, not only have a right to live here as much as we do, but are necessary for our good health! Then the world becomes a friendly place instead of being a dangerous one.

“It’s important to remember that not all viruses are harmful, but represent an integral component of the gut ecosystem,” – biochemist Alexandre Almeida, of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory’s Bioinformatics Institute.

A new database project has identified and classified some 140,000 viral species found in the human gut, more than 50 percent of which were previously unknown to science.

The project is known as the Gut Phage Database and was the culmination of analysis of 28,000 individual metagenomes – the DNA sequences of gut microbiome samples taken from people in 28 countries around the world.

Among the truly staggering amount of data were tens of thousands of newly discovered viruses and 142,809 viral species that call the human gut home, the majority of which are bacteriophages – viruses that infect bacteria – and additional single-celled organisms called archaea.

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