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How To Use Meditation To Create More Happy Connections In Your Brain

First, he invited us to wake up positive connections between our neurons, by remembering good memories of happiness from our childhood. He then suggested meditating about these happy moments, in order to train our mind positively.

Maitreya Rael said: “Remember happiness, remember all the different moments where you had big happiness. That’s one of my favorite meditations, this wakes up happy connections. The more you wake them up, the more you are happy.”

To conclude his speech, he gives us some tricks to reinforce our health: “Respect your body, love your body, love yourself. What is to love yourself? It’s to bring yourself in the NOW, to avoid suffering. Decide to be happy, because it’s good for your health. It’s your choice! You are responsible for your happiness. Happiness is always coming from yourself, it’s coming from inside. Enjoy life, dance, sing, enjoy good food, enjoy sex, enjoy everything. Laugh every second and never stop smiling. Be happy to be alive!”

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