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Rael Reveals The Secret To A Happy Life

October 7, 2020 (75 a.H.), marks the 45th anniversary of the 2nd Encounter of Maitreya Rael with the Elohim.

Raelians were supposed to have a HUGE celebration in Okinawa, with people coming from all over the world, an event planned years in advance. But as you may know, due to the Coronavirus, all celebrations were cancelled because the hotels cannot accept more than 100 people per hall and also because most Raelians do not accept to WEAR MASKS !

Nevertheless, it did not stop the local Raelians to gather around Maitreya Rael this year and celebrate with him this special moment.

Maitreya Rael gave a wonderful speech and talked about Love, Death and Happiness and ultimately gave us the SECRET to die Happy.

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