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סגור את תיבת החיפוש

Famous Beard

RAEL’S COMMENT: Not only Muslims have long beards! Wake up! Fanatic islamophobics Christians: your god has a long beard!  

Suspecting Ethiopian Israelis & Arabs of crime is ‘natural’ – Israeli police chief

RAEL’S COMMENT: Israel racist police chief says, “Immigrants are invariably more involved in crime than others”… forgetting that 80% of “white” Israelis are immigrants from eastern Europe… who are in fact not real Jews but come from Khazar while the black Jews from Ethiopia and the Palestinians are… proving that Israel is not only a […]


RAEL’S COMMENT: Terrorist? This one, yes…  

Universal Love

RAEL’S COMMENT:  Let’s hope that when this will be happening, humans of all skin color will not unite in some new racism against "non-humans"… It’s our mission as Raelians to prepare humanity to never become racist against different body forms of conscious beings.  

À propos de la création d’une armée panafricaine

COMMENTAIRE DE RAEL : Aussi longtemps que les anciens colonisateurs, c’est-à-dire les pays à population blanche, n’auront pas détruit toutes leurs armes nucléaires, il faut qu’une force panafricaine militaire soit mise en place et que sa priorité soit de s’équiper de l’arme nucléaire. Et en second, d’expulser toutes les forces militaires étrangères, c’est-à-dire principalement françaises. […]