This is beginning to strangely look like dictatorship

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The absence of consciousness means that "in the general interest" individual freedoms are trampled on. There were people who would have given this kind of interview during the Nazi era. The "general interest" meant that it was healthy for everyone to denounce Jews… or to isolate them "for their own good" in concentration camps.


Ça commence a ressembler étrangement à de la dictature.

Ça commence a ressembler étrangement à de la dictature.🤔

Posted by Gervais Côté on Thursday, September 3, 2020

קבלו את האמת

קראו את המסרים שניתנו לנו על ידי יוצרינו במהלך המפגש של ראל עם העב"ם ב- 1973!

אירועים אחרים

עקבו אחרינו

ראל אקדמי

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