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סגור את תיבת החיפוש

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נגן וידאו

Why Giving Love Is Far More Important Than The Love You Receive

This video was recorded in Okinawa, Japan, during celebration of October 7th, 2021 (76 a.H.), which marks the 46th anniversary of the 2nd Encounter of Maitreya Rael with the Elohim.

In his speech, Maitreya Rael invites us to give love and not to forget to say «I love you!» every day,  to every person we meet: “Because you never know when they will go back to infinity”.

He continues his teaching making us aware that the love we give is much more important than the love we receive: “Remember, when you reach infinity you are rich of the love you gave. Love is the opposite of money. Money, the more you give the more poor you are. Love, the more you give the more rich you are. I want to make you all billionaires of love. How? By saying «I love you!», everywhere, to everybody, anytime”.

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