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The Biggest Illusion Is To Think You Never Change

During this Sunday gathering, Maitreya Rael spoke to us about change. 

Though many people might feel they are the same as when young, we all change, even if our memories might give us the illusion that we remain unchanged.

We all know that the cells in our bodies are renewed every second, and so it is with our minds, including our consciousness.

Avoiding change, he tells us, is not only impossible but it can lead to rigidity and even mental disease in the most extreme cases.

Rael invites us to embrace change, to enjoy it, to become agents of change itself, to seek it.

Change is like a wave, “Enjoy surfing on the changes in the wave of life.” Become the wave itself, rather than ending up like a straw being tossed around by the changes in the current, he tells us.

We need to become supple, like a river, and be the ones to trigger changes, positive ones, particularly in our personality, in our interactions with people, such as becoming love, which is the highest one can become.

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