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Discover the Power of Emotionless Happiness – Maitreya Rael’s Teachings

In this thought-provoking gathering in Japan, Maitreya Rael shares profound insights about happiness and emotions. He urges us to abandon the cultural belief that emotions are synonymous with joy, arguing that both positive and negative emotions can be detrimental. Maitreya points out that our society bombards us with stimuli that evoke emotions, perpetuating an illusion that these fleeting feelings bring happiness. However, he encourages us to look beyond such emotions and instead seek a stable, deep-seated happiness that connects us with the universe.

The teachings emphasize the importance of distinguishing between genuine love and emotional attachment. Maitreya asserts that true love transcends the ego and fosters a sense of oneness with others. Rather than clinging to possessive emotions, he advocates for a love that is selfless and giving. Such love, he believes, allows us to experience the privilege of being alive and to cherish every moment with gratitude.

Through captivating examples and gentle humor, Maitreya dispels the misconception that emotions define happiness. He urges us to embrace a life of constant wonder, passion, and enthusiasm without being enslaved by emotional highs and lows. By recognizing the value of non-emotional happiness, Maitreya suggests that we can lead more fulfilling lives and cultivate a sense of lasting contentment within ourselves.

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