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Discover Your Purpose: Maitreya Rael’s Message of Love

In this profound YouTube video, we delve into Maitreya Rael’s transformative mission, which took place in Okinawa, Japan. His central message revolves around the power of giving love. Maitreya Rael emphasizes that love should be the primary focus in our lives, surpassing all other goals. While spreading the Message and building the embassy are crucial, he reminds us that they must be secondary to the act of giving love.

The video demonstrates various ways to give love, including engaging in meditation and connecting with one’s supraconsciousness. By doing so, all thoughts, words, and actions can be aligned with love. Maitreya Rael leads a beautiful singing session, introducing a heartwarming mantra that encourages giving love to those who love us, strangers, and even those who harbor hate.

The mission extends love’s reach beyond humans to encompass animals, plants, Elohim, and infinity. Maitreya Rael inspires viewers to spread love and happines

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