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Suspecting Ethiopian Israelis & Arabs of crime is ‘natural’ – Israeli police chief

RAEL’S COMMENT: Israel racist police chief says, “immigrants are invariably more involved in crime than others”… forgetting that 80% of “white” Israelis are immigrants from Eastern Europe… who are in fact not real Jews but come from Khazar; while the black Jews from Ethiopia and the Palestinians are… Proving that Israel is not only a […]

Dialogues Désaccordés

COMMENTAIRE DE RAEL : Le livre interdit en France : Dialogues désaccordés, bien sûr disponible en PDF sur Internet, l’arme absolue contre toute forme de censure. Je ne connais pas son contenu, mais si c’est interdit, je diffuse, quel qu’il soit. Par principe. Peace and love RAEL P.-S : Ce livre est désormais en vente […]