It was a Boeing

Michael Nry: Remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki ! 77 years ago ! We need to meditate for peace more than ever ♥️

Have you ever explained to your children what an atomic or nuclear bomb is? And why is it important to campaign for peace between states? Hiroshima and Nagasaki 300,000 dead in 2 seconds sent by the US in 1945. The worst genocide humanity has ever known.


Barefoot Gen 2 (1983) Anime nuclear bombing scene only


Barefoot Gen 2 (1983) Anime full 1:23 min version


BBC Hiroshima documentary short clip with testimonials of survivors


BBC Hiroshima documentary full 1:29 min version


1st Video

2nd Video

3rd Video

4th Video

Boeing B-29 Wikipedia link Maitreya shared with comment


Үнэнийг мэдэхийг хүсч байна уу

1973 онд Раел Үл Мэдэгдэх Нисдэг Биеттэй учрах үеэр авсан биднийг бүтээгч Харийнханы өгсөн мэдээллийг уншаарай!

Бусад үйл явдлууд

Биднийг дага

Раел Академи

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