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Diffamation et rétractation sur Facebook

COMMENTAIRE DE RAEL : Ne JAMAIS rien laisser passer. Chaque fois qu’on nous diffame, nous allons en Justice et nous gagnons.  

US artist makes dinnerware from human ashes (VIDEO)

RAEL’S COMMENT: Excellent!  

Le phénomène « AMMA » envoute les foules

COMMENTAIRE DE RAEL : Les raéliens diffusent, depuis des années, de l’amour en France… mais comme ils ne viennent pas d’Inde mais que leur fondateur est né en France, alors ils sont une « secte dangereuse »… deux poids deux mesures… et le public bêlant, suivant les grands médias, est …

List of wars involving the United States

RAEL’S COMMENT: The USA, the biggest terrorist nation on Earth!  

“Homework is detrimental”: Spanish parents go on strike to save children’s free time

RAEL’S COMMENT: Yes, homework should be forbidden! Children need to play!  

Theresa May should “beg forgiveness” for Britain’s colonial “sins” – Indian MP

RAEL’S COMMENT: He is absolutely right! And the French President should also bend his knees and beg for forgiveness to all colonized African nations, one by one. And so should the king of Spain to all Latin American nations.  

Meet the man who spent $9 million on a license plate

RAEL’S COMMENT: Good for the Guinness Book of vain realization. A perfect image of the absurdity of capitalism and ego.  

Amnesty International Belgique

COMMENTAIRE DE RAEL : Normal… ils ne sont pas Blancs. Les Blancs sont toujours prêts à accueillir des réfugiés blancs… les autres, ils n’en ont rien à faire, sauf quand ils peuvent les esclavagiser.  

World War I: Troop statistics

RAEL’S COMMENT: This shows that WWI was not really a “world war” as it involved only 16 countries among the 180 there was on Earth. That’s not even 10% … another white colonialist and imperialist vision of the world.  

World War 2 statistics

RAEL’S COMMENT: And it’s almost the same in WW2 where 23 countries were militarily involved in the conflict among 180 there was on Earth, in another false “world war” mostly fought by white European people or their ex-colonies (USA, Australia, etc.)  

Saudi Arabia: Panel of scientists admits women are mammals, yet “not human”

RAEL’S COMMENT: The morning laugh  

Rocker Roger Waters loses $4M over anti-Israel activism

RAEL’S COMMENT: Boycott American Express!  

China to display 5th gen J-20 stealth fighter at air show

RAEL’S COMMENT: US supremacy is finished!  

A new era for humanity

RAEL’S COMMENT: And the Raelian Movement is the only philosophy that fits perfectly with the spiritual aspect of this beautiful project and which is evoked at the end of the video.  

World wildlife “falls by 58% in 40 years”

RAEL’S COMMENT: Total destruction of Elohim’s creation on the way… but Natural Order will destroy those who destroy.  

China to overtake US nuclear capacity

RAEL’S COMMENT: While one maintains 180 costly overseas military bases, the other invests in science, energy, and well being for its population.  

Man fired after 29 years on the job for paying someone’s $5 toll

RAEL’S COMMENT: Capitalist companies create inhumane behaviors.  

Love Hideaki

RAEL’S COMMENT: Congratulations to you dear Hideaki for not going to attend the death ceremony of your father in order to stay at the Raelian meeting in Japan! Like the Bible said, “Let the dead bury the dead.” And devote your life to give love to those who are alive! …

Meet China’s freakishly realistic droids: Creepy machines go on display at the World Robot conference

RAEL’S COMMENT: Mainstream media and their usual shit comment: “freakish” and “creepy ” machines … these adjectives should be reserved for Obama, Bush, Clinton, Holland, Sarkozy, Natanyahu, and other crazy politicians and not for beautiful robots!!!  

Pierre Bergé favorable à la suppression de toutes les fêtes chrétiennes

COMMENTAIRE DE RAEL : Excellente idée !  

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