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‘People coming together’: Seattle Seahawks mull BLM-inspired team protest during national anthem

RAEL’S COMMENT: All black and “Indian” people in the US should sit down while the national anthem is played, as their ancestors were either colonized by forced or brought to the US through slavery. All sportspeople in the world should also sit down when the national anthems are played to …

Je Suis Amatrice


G20 Syria divide: World’s largest nations speak out against US-led strike

RAEL’S COMMENT: If there was true world democracy, we could see that almost 80% of the world is against military aggression in Syria. And in the countries whose leaders are in favor of military aggression, we could see for sure this number jump to 90%. So, we now see possible …

Running on sunshine: Palestinian students build solar car to beat Israeli fuel blockade

RAEL’S COMMENT: This is the kind of guy who REALLY deserves a Nobel Prize.  

Swedish Nobel judges fired in Karolinska medical scandal

RAEL’S COMMENT: The judges of the panel which awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to war criminal Obama should also be fired.  

Obama to give $ 17 billion to CUBA as an apology

RAEL’S COMMENT: Wonderful!  

Actualité Santé Sexualité des seniors : risquée pour les hommes, recommandée pour les femmes

COMMENTAIRE DE RAEL :  Qu’ils sont drôles leurs commentaires ! Si un homme fait au moins 20 minutes d’exercice physique par jour, aucun danger ! Bien sûr, s’il reste assis à regarder la télé, plus risqué… mais même là : mourir d’une crise cardiaque en ayant un orgasme est la …


COMMENTAIRE DE RAEL :  Merveilleux album photo fait par Bouda aux stages de Kama.  

Les mythes fondateurs de la politique israélienne

COMMENTAIRE DE RAEL :  Un autre livre « interdit »… donc à diffuser !  

La Bulle du Pape Nicolas V qui autorisa l’esclavage

COMMENTAIRE DE RAEL : Le Vatican devrait être poursuivi pour crime contre l’Humanité pour ça.  

Merci pour le Soleil

RAEL’S COMMENT:  Beautiful music composed and played by Lotus.  

4 million Muslims killed in Western wars: should we call it genocide?

RAEL’S COMMENT: Yes, it is a genocide. And families relatives, of course, try to find revenge through “terrorism”.  

L’Abbé Pierre

COMMENTAIRE DE RAEL :  Et cet homme fantastique a été couvert de boue par la presse française parce qu’il a refusé de renier son ami Garaudy. Il appliquait à la lettre le principe qui veut que l’amitié est sacrée quelles que soient les opinions de nos amis. Et la mafia …

Media blackout: Brazilian teen travelers detained unlawfully in US for weeks

RAEL’S COMMENT: Boycott tourism in the US.  

‘It was an act of God’: Engineer says the crane which collapsed in Mecca killing 107 had been ‘installed in an extremely professional way’

RAEL’S COMMENT: And the Muslim god is no better than the one of the Vatican to protect people praying him…  

‘Alien cliques’ may be keeping Earth isolated – study

RAEL’S COMMENT: Yes, under Elohim’s protection, the Earth is a “no-fly zone” for any other civilization. Mainly not to interfere with our still too primitive warmonger, racist, and fanatically religious planet.  

Bufera su Charlie Hebdo per la vignetta sul sisma. La replica del giornale: ‘Prendetevela con la mafia’

COMMENTAIRE DE RAEL :  Oui ! Rire de tout est une liberté fondamentale ! Ceux qui préfèrent pleurer peuvent le faire entre eux et en général n’achètent pas ce genre de revue. Personnellement, j’espère que quand je vais mourir, Charlie Hebdo fera une caricature de moi ! Et que les …

Deutsche Bank refuses clients’ demand for physical gold

RAEL’S COMMENT: That’s a breach of contract and they should sue the banks. If you buy this kind of bond, make sure the delivery to you of physical gold is 100% guaranteed. And to avoid this, better to buy directly physical gold as coins or bars in the first place. …

US university helps slave descendants

RAEL’S COMMENT: All black people should be admitted for free in all US universities in partial reparation for the slavery of their ancestors… partial because it’s not enough! All black people should also be tax-free as their ancestors didn’t choose to live in the US but were forcefully broad over …

‘Act of God’: Church’s flood damage not covered by insurance

RAEL’S COMMENT: Yes! Absolutely no church, synagogue, or mosque should be at first place insured against fire or anything else as they are under the protection of their almighty god…  

Майдар Раелийн хувьсгалт, цензургүй нийтлэлүүдийн бүрэн жагсаалтыг авахыг хүсч байна

Үнэнийг мэдэхийг хүсч байна уу

1973 онд Раел Үл Мэдэгдэх Нисдэг Биеттэй учрах үеэр авсан биднийг бүтээгч Харийнханы өгсөн мэдээллийг уншаарай!

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