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Fierté africaine

COMMENTAIRE DE RAEL : Tenue beaucoup plus belle que le costume-cravate des colonisateurs – esclavagistes.  

Namibie : les fermiers blancs bientôt expropriés

COMMENTAIRE DE RAEL : C’est ça la vraie décolonisation !  Il a 100 % raison. Il faut exproprier tous ces descendants de colonisateurs et sans aucun dédommagement financier. Et il faut aussi expulser tous ceux qui refuseraient de n’avoir que et uniquement la nationalité namibienne… Il faut par contre accorder aux expulsés le droit de […]

The man who brought the swastika to Germany, and how the Nazis stole it

RAEL’S COMMENT: Great article except the conclusion, while condemning white supremacists is ironically very „Western supremacist”. While a little minority of world population still have a bad image of the swastika, hundreds of million of Asians or Blacks or American “Indians” have no problem with it, and on the contrary proudly wear it or pray […]

Syria strike ‘vindicates’ North Korea’s nuclear choice

RAEL’S COMMENT: Yes, North Korea is absolutely right! In a world dominated by bullying countries lacking any form of compassion, having nuclear weapons is the only deterrent. If Muammar Kadhafi and Saddam Hussein had (like Israel) a stockpile of it, the US and NATO powers would never had illegally invaded their countries, killing them and […]