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Record snowfall in the Balearic Islands, Spain and freezing cold in the center

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Photo credit: JAIME REINA
Global warming ? lol

Huge snowfalls in the Mediterranean archipelago of the Balearic Islands, gusts of wind, freezing temperatures of minus 16 degrees in the center of the country: the „Juliet” storm is currently wreaking havoc in Spain, plunging the country back into winter.
Yet known for their mild and pleasant climate, which makes it a paradise for European tourists, the Balearic Islands, off the east coast of the country, are the most affected, especially the largest island, Mallorca.
„In some places in the north of Mallorca, the snow layer has exceeded one meter in 24 hours above 800 meters of altitude,” said the spokesman of the National Meteorological Agency (Aemet), Rubén del Campo, who spoke of „extraordinary” snowfall.
Mallorca also recorded violent gusts of wind that reached 117 km/h, according to the Aemet, as well as torrential rains, with local media reporting more than 100 liters per square meter in many localities.

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