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BOMBSHELL: Flu shots scientifically proven to weaken immune response in subsequent years… researchers stunned

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After studying this article, here is a comment from Dr. Marc Rivard MD. One more time, without REAL scientists, we are misguided by charlatans who have an anti-vaccine agenda. Thank your dear Marc for proving this article is pure bullshit.
Dr. Marc Rivard’s comment:
What this host says is not science. He takes excerpts from studies to get them to say what the results of those studies do not say. It’s simply demagoguery, not science. Here are my comments on the points raised by this person. I hope I am not too academic. I apologize in advance for this long text…
1. On the decrease of the immune system in pregnant women who have been vaccinated against influenza. Dr. Linda Christian is quoted in this video document. But when we look at the conclusion of the study:
a completely different reality emerges than the one defended by the host.
In this cohort of pregnant women, receipt of influenza vaccine the previous year predicted higher baseline antibody titers and decreased antibody responses at one-month post-vaccination against all influenza strains.
However, prior maternal vaccination did not significantly affect either maternal antibody levels at delivery or antibody levels transferred to the neonate.”
Which means that the immune system responds adequately. It should be understood that the immune system of a pregnant woman is quite particular because of the presence of a foreign body inside her, her child, and it is therefore normal that the response to vaccination is not identical to any other person.


A medical study conducted at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center found that women who received flu vaccines had a weakened immune system response in subsequent years.

Lisa Christian, PhD, the lead researcher on the study, concluded, “Growing evidence shows that those who received a flu shot in the prior year have lower antibody responses in the current year.”

The study proves yet again that the official narrative of the flu shot industry — and its complicit corporate-run media — is false and deliberately deceptive. Far from offering bulletproof protection, flu shots actually make people more vulnerable to influenza infections, which of course contributes to more people catching the flu and then falsely thinking they need more flu shots for “more protection.”

Yet it is the flu shots themselves that are leading to an increase in influenza infections. The flu vaccine, in other words, perpetuates the myth that flu vaccines are needed by ensuring influenza spreads more rapidly than would otherwise occur. In effect, flu vaccines spread the very infections that generate more demand for flu vaccines. The structure is a “perfect” self-perpetuating medical hoax rooted in fake science and relentless media propaganda.

In my news video below, you’ll also learn:

People who had a 2008 flu shot experienced a 250% increase in influenza infections in subsequent years.
A study published in Human & Environmental Toxicology found that mercury-laced flu vaccines caused a 4,250 percent increase in fetal deaths during the 2009 flu season.
The flu shot narrative pushed by the vaccine industry is a medical hoax that’s easily disproved by fact-based evidence.
People who get flu shots will be the first to die in an actual global pandemic because they have been made vulnerable to infections.


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