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Here’s where you can obtain the physical books!

What if there is still hope to save humanity? And also to find the happiness we are all meant to have as human beings?
The steps we need to take are recorded in books written by Maitreya Rael, books that relay the messages he received from beyond the stars.

Would you like to own these very important books in physical form? They are available now!


These books which will change your life

Intelligent Design A Message from the Designers by Rael
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Sensual Medication by Rael. Awakening the mind by awakening the body
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The Maitreya book by Rael extracts of his teachings
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Yes to Human Cloning by Rael
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Geniocracy by Rael. Government of the People, for the People, by the Geniuses
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Sensual Meditation

Awakening the Mind by Awakening the Body