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Sensual Meditation

For many decades, Maitreya Rael has taught meditations at seminars around the world, helping millions to find peace and harmony. These meditations, called “Sensual Meditation” were designed to awaken our minds and allow each of us to feel connected with the infinite.

The 7 Meditations

In 2009, Maitreya Rael taught a series of seven short meditations. Referred to now as “The Seven Meditations,” this series uses the brain’s neuroplastic properties to train our minds toward harmony and happiness.

1 Minute for Peace Meditation

Maitreya Rael launched the “1 Minute for Peace” meditation campaign in 2012. Since then, Raelians worldwide have been leading these types of meditations on a regular basis.

What we think, what we express, and what we feel affect everything else on Earth. By sending waves of peace and love through the powerful transmitter that is our brain, we can make this planet more peaceful.” – Maitreya Rael

Raelian prayer

An audio version of the prayer to the Elohim (as outlined in the 2nd part of the book “Intelligent Design – Message from the Designers,”)

Get the truth

Read the messages given to us by our creators during Rael’s UFO encounter in 1973! 

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