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Sensual Medication by Rael. Awakening the mind by awakening the body
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Sensual Meditation
Human beings are linked by their receptors, the senses, to the infinite, which surrounds and composes all of us. By developing our sensuality, we can each develop the capacity to feel connected with the infinite, to feel the infinite within ourselves.
Sensual Meditation is the “instruction manual” given to us to teach us how to master the harmonizing possibilities within the brain. This manual was given to us by those best placed to know, those who designed the human being.
Allowing us to deprogram Judeo-Christian inhibitions of guilt, while at the same time not falling into ethereal mysticisms of Eastern teachings, Sensual Meditation allows a person to discover his/her body. It especially allows one to learn how to use his or her body to enjoy sounds, colors, smells, tastes, caresses, and, particularly, a sexuality that is felt with all one’s senses. In this way, we can each experience the cosmic orgasm, infinite and absolute, that illuminates the mind by linking the one who reaches it with the infinite.
Paperback is Available

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