This type of respect requires a healthy lifestyle that can only be achieved by being in harmony with nature.

That includes meditation, relaxation, and adopting a healthy diet. Drugs, tobacco, and alcohol should be avoided since these substances destroy our genetic code and can cause defects for generations to come.


Accepting ourselves as we are, with all our imperfections.

It’s to live out what we are, feel good about ourselves, open up to life, and blossom. This conviction contributes to the development of healthy and positive thoughts, cultivates compassion toward oneself and others, and strips away all forms of aggression. Guilt and fear only lead to the secretion of toxins that are harmful to our health. Self-love is only possible through both an awareness of these emotions and the rejection of stress.


Every human being has a right throughout his or her entire life to have something to eat, a place to sleep, clothes to wear, and education, even without working. Those who work are also entitled to luxury – a driving force in human progress. Any luxury attained should be proportional to the work done and to the progress brought about for society.

Respect for others

Accept our differences

Humanity derives its richness from its diversity, so the more different we are from one another, the more enriched we become. This is why we encourage others to live out their differences fully, be they racial, cultural, religious or sexual.


All human beings are always responsible for their actions, even if they are merely obeying an order.
All human beings are masters of their own destiny, their successes as well as their failures. And all human beings are always responsible for their actions, even if they are merely obeying an order. Consequently, a person must refuse to execute any order that would be contrary to his or her conscience.

“Do not obey any order whatsoever, regardless of the person who issued the order, if the order is contrary to your conscience.” – Maitreya Rael

Absolute respect for life

Save a Single human, Save Humanity

Even if any power would lead you to believe that by executing a single human we could save all of mankind, do not kill that human because the life of a single non-violent human being is as valuable as the entire humanity.


Femininity is love. It’s important to make this planet more feminine and to be aware that wisdom goes hand-in-hand with femininity. If all human beings on Earth were to become feminine and refined, there would be no more war. If femininity is a cure for humanity and a way to prevent its destruction, then the development of femininity is a necessity. It becomes every human being’s responsibility, regardless of gender.


“Politeness is femininity’s code of respect. It’s the foundation. Find and create new ways to demonstrate respect and politeness.” – Maitreya Rael

World Peace

The creation of a world government supported by a global army of “peacekeepers”

The creation of a world government supported by a global army of “peacekeepers” would permit the removal of national armies. Former military budgets could then be devoted to fighting hunger worldwide, saving the planet, and maintaining universal peace.


Threats of violence should be punished as severely as violence itself; the individual who utters them acknowledges that his views may triumph through the use of violence.


“It’s by loving both your close and far away neighbors that you elevate yourself while doing them good.” – Maitreya Rael