Catalonia: Shocking videos capture police violence against voters as hundreds injured in crackdown

Still the same colonialist mentality in the central Spanish government, worst than in dictatorship of Franco and similar to the genocides and pillages committed in South America against the Incas and others. By the way, Spain should give back tons of gold they stole from Peru, Bolivia, etc. plus damages for the genocides – pillage and genocide are crimes forever – as well as not respecting the right to secession granted by the human rights to any community in the world.
A peaceful future can only be reached by the dismantlement of the huge nations and the creation of human-size countries according to their traditional culture and languages; these micronations of human-size being federated in a world government created by the people and for the people, and not serving any financial interests.
The era of kingdoms and empires is a thing of the past. And with human-size nations, mass destruction weapons, as well as national armies, will become obsolete and easier to destroy and replaced by real peacekeepers, created to serve and protect the populations.


Videos filmed both outside and inside polling stations for the ongoing referendum on Catalan independence show disturbing scenes of Spanish police variously throwing people out of the stations, pulling their hair and kicking them to the ground.

More than 840 people have been injured in the Spanish police crackdown, Barcelona’s mayor has said. Officials say that some of the voters have sustained “serious” injuries.

People with blood-stained bandages, some dressing head wounds, were seen near polling stations.

In Barcelona and in Sant Julia de Ramis, near the Catalan city of Girona on Sunday, dozens-strong armed police units could be seen violently engaging with voters.

In Barcelona’s Guinardo Market, police clashed with voters outside a polling station as people lined up to cast their votes in the referendum the Spanish government had deemed illegal.

Both men and women could be seen being violently pushed out of the building and thrown to the ground, as other people tried to assist those in pain.

At another polling station in Barcelona’s Carrer de Pau Claris, policemen could be seen mercilessly pushing voters down a flight of stairs and dragging others outside the hallway. Others were beaten by officers in riot gear, as screams echoed through the polling station.

In another video filmed at a polling station in Sant Julia de Ramis near Girona police can be seen storming into a building, breaking its glass doors.

There have been reports of rubber bullets and batons being used against voters.

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