China must strengthen nuclear arsenal in response to THAAD deployment – state media

Absolutely! The USA and its NATO puppet sadly bully only weak countries.


An editorial in China’s state-run Global Times newspaper says Washington should “pay the price” for the deployment of missile defense system THAAD to South Korea. China should build up its nuclear arsenal and closer ally with Russia in response, it says.

The article in the paper, often viewed as Beijing’s mouthpiece, refers to the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system (THAAD) battery that began to arrive to Osan Air Base in South Korea this week.

It says that China has “maintained a low profile” when it comes to nuclear armaments, and that its number of nuclear warheads is small – but that could now change.

“The United States has deployed a missile defense system right in front of China’s door, and they must pay for that decision,” the editorial says. “China must make sure THAAD deployment is being made in vain, by strengthening its own nuclear deterrent.”

The author says that “China has ample financial resources to expand its nuclear arsenal.”

“In the game between China and the United States, there is not just the hand of the Washington side,” the article continues.

It notes that sanctions are not the way forward when it comes to the US, given the size of its economy. It also points out that Lockheed Martin, the US maker of THAAD, does not have any business dealings in China, thus making it impossible to introduce sanctions on the company.

The article also called on China to form an alliance with Russia – a fellow critic of THAAD’s deployment –to form a “solid partnership against the missile defense system.”

Such an alliance would “give a new blow to the United States,” the editorial states.

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